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Different screw angles of submersible mixer can achieve different flow velocity effects

1. The unique impeller design of submersible mixer used to refer to the design of marine propeller and submarine propeller, which is not suitable for our requirements. The function of marine propeller is to produce the strongest thrust under the same conditions, which requires the propeller to produce a cylindrical water flow or a water flow reaching a certain point, and the water spray does not disperse, so the thrust is the best. If the water is scattered, it means that the power is wasted. The greater the water is scattered, the greater the power waste

the requirements of submersible mixer are different, and we require that under different pool types, the minimum power can be used to achieve full pool agitation without dead corners. Our company's design refers to the combination of high-efficiency centrifugal pump and spiral slurry, learning from each other's strong points to complement each other's weak points, which is different from Eagle type, and we call it harrier type paddle. The effect is clear at a glance. In this regard, our company has long had experts in fluid mechanics and ship propulsion to guide in person

2. A variety of power, speed and impeller diameter are available, and the impeller diameter Ф 220—— Ф 3000mm, optional according to pool type, depth and liquid density

3. Different spiral angles of the submersible mixer achieve different flow rate effects

4. The reliable double end face, multi spring, non-equilibrium hard joint and more intuitive interface produce a complete solution. The gold mechanical seal spring is made of stainless steel, and the two ends are made of integral cemented carbide. It is especially suitable for sewage such as sand, weak acid, weak alkali, oil, etc. The normal service life below 600 rpm can reach 30000 hours, which is three times that of tungsten carbide mechanical seal

5. Mixing with aeration device can greatly reduce energy consumption, significantly improve the effect of oxygenation, effectively prevent heaviness, and save energy efficiently

6. The protection grade of submersible mixer motor is IP68, with imported bearings, class F insulation, all stainless steel support installation system and fasteners, which are safe and reliable

service conditions: medium temperature ≤ 50 ℃, pH value between, when the liquid density exceeds 1.15t/m3, its type selection must contact the supplier, and the diving depth ≤ 20 meters

precautions for the selection of submersible mixer:

1. 1kW power torque per 500 cubic meters of volume. The focus of the current industry is that the efficient and cost-effective production of various vehicle parts should reach more than 60NM, and the effect is good after practical inspection. Some small impeller with fast speed can not achieve this effect

2. The power of round pool, runway pool and ring pool can be reduced by 10%, while the power of square pool, rectangular pool and triangle pool must be increased by 10%. The higher the power of pool type, the control of manual valve, servo valve or proportional valve can be reduced

3. The power must be increased by 30% for every 10% increase in medium density

4. Square and rectangular tanks can also be considered in terms of impeller size, spiral angle, installation position, water inlet and outlet position, so as to achieve no dead angle or small dead angle

5. With regard to the flow rate, there are many mixers for pushing flow, so it is necessary to provide the original flow rate, pool section, length and other relevant data as well as the required flow rate. Our company can provide corresponding products. This is a complicated process. Please contact the supplier about the selection of adhesives and coatings: adhesives, composite adhesives, reinforcements, starch adhesives, sealing adhesives, latex, resins, self-adhesive; Contact

6. Installation height of submersible mixer (1) impeller diameter is less than 1m, from the pool bottom to the mixer center x= impeller radius +0.7m

(2) if the impeller diameter is more than 1 meter, it shall be calculated according to the radius +1 meter

(3) the installation height can be appropriately increased or reduced according to the pool depth

Practical application of submersible mixer:

compared with the traditional long shaft mixer, the advantage of GST submersible mixer is that it can produce different flow directions. Various flow modes with different effects can be obtained from different installation positions of the submersible mixer. So as to create a better flow mode in the pool and eliminate the dead corner of mixing. The supporting power required by the submersible mixer is determined by the volume of the pool, the density and viscosity of the medium and the depth of the mixing medium. According to the specific situation, one or more submersible mixers can be selected

special attention for submersible mixer:

submersible mixer must be fully submerged and cannot work in flammable and explosive environment or strongly corrosive liquid environment. In order to ensure the operation of the mixer in different tank types and save energy, the following typical installation forms can be referred to

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