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<2. Cleaning and cleaning: P> subnil company launched an automatic tube filling and packaging production line

subnil produced a tube filling and packaging line that can not meet the requirements of high stiffness precision springs, and the packaging speed is 200 hoses/min. The whole production line includes a branch filler, a carton forming machine and a binding machine, which are smoothly connected together at the same time. The production line only needs 5 people to load products and test

tubular filler: the index is controlled by a servo motor. Some other links such as filling, positioning and hose conveying are also operated by servo motors. The quick switching of product size is one of its main features. The closed nozzle with top-down filling cam enables the machine to handle any type of products with an accuracy of +-0.75% and can complete multi-color filling

carton forming machine: it is a sustainable mobile machine. The double arm rotary carton picking and pre stacking equipment is driven by a servo motor. The box sealing equipment can use hot melt glue. Another feature of the machine is that the size of the sample is measured by a single sheet, and the paper is fed by stacking paper. It can also complete the transformation of automatic cartons, which will lead to abnormal operation of the machine

binding machine: it can check the cartons of the given structure, wrap them with BOPP film, fold the end of the envelope and heat seal on three sides to form a solid package, and can be shipped directly

all available safety features make it a reassuring production line to achieve the best effect in the least time. You can also buy low-speed production lines

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