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Air compressor installation knowledge

1 The selection of the installation site

the selection of the installation site of the air compressor is the most neglected by the staff. Often, after the air compressor is purchased, it will find a place at will and use it immediately after piping, without prior planning at all. However, such a hasty result has resulted in the failure of the air compressor in the future, difficult maintenance and poor air quality. Therefore, a proper installation site is the prerequisite for the correct use of the air compressor system:

(1) choose a wide place with good lighting, so as to facilitate the space and lighting required for operation, maintenance and repair

(2) choose a place with low air humidity, less dust, fresh air and good ventilation, and avoid water mist, acid mist, oil mist, dusty and fibrous environment

(3) according to the requirements of gb50029-2003 code for design of compressed air station, the heating temperature of the machine room in the compressed air station should not be lower than 15 ℃, and the temperature of the machine room in non working hours should not be lower than 5 ℃

(4) when the air compressor suction port or the unit cooling air suction port is set indoors, the indoor ambient temperature should not be greater than 40 ℃

(5) if the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre filtration equipment must be installed to ensure the service life of air compressor system parts

(6) when the exhaust volume of a single set is equal to or greater than 20m3/min, and the total installed capacity and other full-automatic spring changes the torque indication of the experimental machine, the specific operation of verification is: the lower limit of measurement is the compressed air station whose verification starting point is at or greater than 60 m3/min, it is appropriate to set up lifting equipment for maintenance, and its lifting capacity should be determined according to the heaviest part of the air compressor unit

(7) reserve passage and maintenance space. According to the requirements of gb50029-2003 code for design of compressed air stations, the passage width between the air compressor unit and the wall is 0.8 ~ 1.5m according to the exhaust volume. (Jin Wei wrote Chinese air compressor)

air compressor installation knowledge

2 Precautions for compressed air pipeline piping

(1) when piping the main pipeline, the pipeline must have an inclination of 1 ~ 2 to facilitate the discharge of condensate in the pipeline, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2

(2) the pressure drop of the piping pipeline shall not exceed 5% of the service pressure of the air compressor, so it is best to choose a pipeline larger than the design value when piping, The calculation formula is as follows:

pipe diameter calculation d = mm = mm

where Q pressure - flow rate of compressed air in the pipeline m3/min

V - flow rate of compressed air in the pipeline M/S

Q self air compressor nameplate scalar m3/min

P> exhaust - air compressor exhaust absolute pressure bar (equal to air compressor exhaust pressure plus 1 atmospheric pressure)

(3) the branch pipeline must be connected from the top of the main pipeline, In order to prevent the condensate in the main pipe from flowing down to the working machinery or flowing back to the air compressor

(4) do not shrink or enlarge the pipeline arbitrarily, and use a reducer for the pipeline, as shown in Figure 2. If the reducer is not used, there will be turbulence at the joint, which will lead to a large pressure drop and adversely affect the service life of the pipeline. (Jin Wei wrote Chinese air compressor)

(5) if there is purification and buffer equipment such as air tank and dryer after the air compressor, the ideal piping sequence should be air compressor + air tank + dryer. The air storage tank can filter part of the condensed water and reduce the gas temperature at the same time. If compressed air with lower temperature and less water content is re introduced into the dryer, the load of the dryer can be reduced

(6) if the amount of air used is large and the time is very short, it is best to add another air storage tank as a buffer, so as to reduce the times of loading and unloading of the air compressor, which is of great benefit to the service life of the air compressor

(7) try to reduce the use of elbows and various valves in the pipeline

(8) the ideal piping is that the main line surrounds the whole plant, so that two-way compressed air can be obtained at any position. If the gas consumption of a branch line suddenly increases, the pressure drop can be reduced. In addition, appropriate valve groups shall be configured on the annular main line to facilitate the cut-off during maintenance

(9) when the air output pipes of multiple air compressors are connected in parallel, there is no need to install a check valve at the output end of the air compressor

3. Foundation of air compressor

the foundation of air compressor should be built on hard soil, and the foundation level should be leveled before installation to avoid vibration. If it is installed upstairs, anti vibration measures must be taken, otherwise the vibration will be transmitted downstairs or resonance will occur, which will easily cause harm to the air compressor and buildings. Generally, the vibration speed of screw air compressor is below 11.2mm/s (belt drive) and 7.1 mm/S (coupling drive), so special foundation can not be made. It is recommended to build a platform foundation with a height of about 120mm and a length and width slightly larger than the bottom area of the air compressor, so as to facilitate sewage discharge

4. The water quality standard of cooling water for cooling system

water cooled air compressor shall comply with gb50050 code for design of industrial circulating cooling water treatment. When softened water is available in the enterprise and the system is economical and reasonable, softened water can be used as circulating water in the system. It is mainly to avoid the chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium plasma in the water due to high temperature in the cooler, and finally form scale in the cooler, thus affecting the cooling efficiency of the cooler. The water pressure of cooling water is generally between 0.15 ~ 0.4MPa, and the outlet temperature of cooling water should be kept between 6 ℃ and 10 ℃ higher than the inlet temperature. The cooling water inlet pipe should be installed with filtration, and the inlet and outlet pipes should be installed with pressure clamping units respectively, which can adjust the meter, thermometer and stop valve

pay attention to the ventilation environment of the air-cooled air compressor, and do not place the air compressor near high-temperature machinery or in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, so as to avoid high exhaust temperature and shutdown. If it is placed in an enclosed space for use, it is necessary to install air inlet and exhaust equipment. The air inlet is located at the lower part of the machine room, and the air outlet is located at the upper part of the machine room, so as to facilitate the circulation of cold air. Generally speaking, the inlet and exhaust air volume must be greater than the cooling and exhaust air volume of the air compressor

5. When the power system

air compressor is distributed, the correctness of the power supply voltage must be ensured

according to the power of the air compressor used, select the correct diameter of the power line, and do not use small power lines, otherwise the power line will be burned due to high temperature due to excessive load. The power line must be multi strand copper core cable, three-phase four wire system, one of which is the grounding wire

it is best to use a set of power system alone for the air compressor, especially to avoid using it in parallel with other large power consumption systems, otherwise the main motor of the air compressor may be overloaded and shut down due to excessive voltage drop or three-phase current imbalance, and high-power air compressors should be paid special attention to. And the power supply network load should be uniform, the voltage fluctuation should be within 5%, and the three-phase voltage imbalance is allowed to be within 1%. There shall be no connection point between the power supply cable from the distribution cabinet to the air compressor

select the appropriate air switch according to the power of the air compressor microcomputer controlled single arm electronic tensile testing machine digital display electronic tensile testing machine microcomputer controlled portal electronic tensile testing machine, so as to maintain the safety of the power system and maintenance

the grounding wire of the power system should be erected, and the grounding wire should not be directly connected to the compressed air delivery pipe or cooling water pipe

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