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Quantum cloud: let cloud computing help Chinese science fiction dream

news on April 18: we believe that film and television is the product of the combination of modern science and technology and art. High tech special effects are an important factor in the film blockbuster's strong ability to attract money, but as the audience's requirements for special effects become more and more stringent, the amount of calculation required for the production of film special effects has increased geometrically. Cloud computing can provide a production, storage and processing platform for film and television works, and provide great convenience for film rendering and other production. Li Fu, CEO of quantum cloud, hopes to help China's film and television industry move forward through the scientific and technological power of quantum cloud

on the 15th, the quantum cloud film and television cloud Strategy Conference was held in Beijing. Quantum cloud released the film and television cloud development strategy, and held a cloud computing + Internet big film signing ceremony with MSI Yingmei media, hoping to improve the traditional film and television industry model, create a Chinese film ecosystem, and open the quantum cloud campus special effect short film production competition plan. The test features a single pin connector and plastic retention; Connector single hole plugging test; Connect the whole row plug-in experiment and connector plug-in life experiment machine to cultivate Chinese film talents and help realize the Chinese science fiction dream

CEO of quantum cloud finally realizes economic and commercial production Li Fu

quantum cloud MSI Yingmei media signing ceremony site

a while ago, "crazy animal city" made a lot of money in the Chinese market with a strong movie viewing reputation. The reason for its popularity is not only the inspirational story, but also the cool special effects. In recent years, film and television special effects have received more and more attention from production companies and directors. From 2014's "havoc in heaven", 2015's "demon hunt", "dragon hunt" and 2016's "three dozen bones", the proportion of China's special effects market has increased

but we have to admit that there is still a big gap between Chinese special effects films and the United States. At the press conference, a guest lamented that China's special effects technology was not poor, and the difference was due to time and experience. To make high-quality special effects films, we need to invest not only money, but also time. But in China, the most important thing is the fastest speed. This is also the biggest difference between China and Hollywood. The special effects of "never expected" account for one-half of the total. There are 1000 special effects shots, and the production cycle is only two months, and the data storage capacity is as high as 85tb. While "Transformers 4", just a shot of the spacecraft falling in the desert, was made for six months later. Can we have both cost and quality

established in April 2014, quantum cloud is an innovative technology company committed to cloud computing technology research, cloud system construction and cloud computing industry solutions. Its core technical team is from Silicon Valley, headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Shanghai and Wuxi, and has its own intellectual property department in Silicon Valley. In 2015, quantum cloud officially released the film and television cloud to lay out the film and television culture industry chain

the first product of quantum cloud, the film and television cloud platform, provides cloud rendering services for film and television production companies with better soft hardness range, soft touch and lower anti shrinkage skew. Users render in the cloud through the network, and then transfer the technology from the cloud server to the local, putting the traditional rendering scheme in the cloud. The platform focuses on the future network architecture (SDN, NDN) and high-performance computing (HPC, GPGPU) technologies, and provides complete network architecture, cloud computing services, data center and big data system solutions for the film and television industry

it is reported that after being equipped with the cloud platform, it used to take half a year for a 2-hour movie to complete the special effect rendering. Now it takes less than a week and can save 40% of the cost. In addition, turning the work to the cloud and relying on the visual cloud computing platform to complete the work saves the overall holding cost of enterprise IT equipment

at this conference, quantum cloud released the plan of quantum cloud campus special effect short film production competition, hoping to find and cultivate these professional talents through the competition. Quantum cloud will set up a special award fund for these talents to encourage college students to make good films. We started the campus special effects short film competition plan in the hope that the high price of the film will get closer to you, and we also hope that quantum cloud can provide more and more technologies and services for college students. Ding Zhiyong, a brand strategy consultant of quantum cloud, said that talent is the key to the path of special effects films for Chinese people! Cultivating Chinese science fiction film ecology should start with college students

Ding Zhiyong, brand strategy consultant of quantum cloud

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