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According to the prediction of the International Energy Agency, by 2015, the energy consumption of developing countries and regions in the Asia Pacific will exceed that of North America and become the largest energy demand region in the world. This is not only reflected in the rapid growth of refined oil demand, but also reflected in the strong demand for petrochemical downstream products in many light industries. "It can be seen that improving the utilization rate of ethylene is very important, and the catalyst is particularly important." Laijiancheng, technical director of patent transfer in the Asia Pacific region of shell global solutions, said: "For example, a catalyst product we developed requires only 0.579 tons of ethylene in the production of one ton of ethylene glycol, while other catalysts consume 0.636 tons of ethylene. If a factory with an annual output of 300000 tons adopts a catalyst with high selectivity and stable performance, it can save tens of millions of dollars of ethylene consumption for enterprises. This gap is obvious."

speaking of shell, many people know that it is a multinational oil company. Its business includes oil exploration in the upstream and retail and gas stations in the downstream. However, few people know that shell also has a global solutions department, which is subordinate to ccmap, a number of catalyst companies of shell, and is a collection of a series of technology companies under shell group. By forming networks, innovating and selling catalysts, these companies have established their own service networks around the world, covering operation consulting, catalysts, technical services, research and development, etc. At present, Shell Global Solutions has set up regional business and technology centers in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific to provide scientific and Technological Advice to shell group and third-party customers in the energy industry. Lai Jiancheng introduced that the competitive advantage of shell global solutions and ccmap lies in working together to fight a "combined fist". This combination plan aims to achieve low cost and high efficiency. Shell global solutions is responsible for providing catalyst authorization technology and customized consulting services for users. Ccmap catalyst company is generally responsible for providing 13 (3) 2; It is the latest catalyst in terms of operation and processing technology, ranging from high selectivity and high performance to mixed catalysts

in the field of petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, in addition to the cost of raw materials, the cost of catalysts generally accounts for 30% to 40% of the operating costs including oil refining and downstream hydrocarbon processing. The varieties and characteristics of catalysts vary greatly in price. Lai Jiancheng said that the catalyst can be likened to a "manager" in chemical reactions. For more than 50 years, shell has invested a lot of money and manpower to focus on the research and development of breakthrough high selective catalysts and high-performance catalyst family products and technologies, so as to continuously improve the correctness, effectiveness, stability and toxicity resistance of this "manager". Under the technology transfer system provided by shell global solutions, this "manager" can have the limit effect required by the new national standard to help enterprises improve output, reduce energy consumption, reduce raw material consumption, and finally help enterprises improve business performance. Majingwei, commercial director of ccmap catalyst company, pointed out: "Compared with the average 10-year research and development time required by the market, the average 80% to 85% of the catalyst in ccmap takes 36 months as a research and development cycle. After long-term research and development and practice, the selectivity of the catalyst has also increased from 68% in the 1960s to more than 80% now. Since 1956, shell's catalyst technology has been authorized 76 times to help enterprises reduce the energy consumption per unit of production, reduce production costs and optimize equipment Yes. "

Lai Jiancheng finally stressed that the catalyst of ccmap can help enterprises achieve the goal of cost savings, and medium-sized enterprises will be able to save $10million a year or $30million in three years. "We hope to help petrochemical companies save costs and improve the return on investment while meeting increasingly stringent emission standards through innovative portfolio solutions."

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