The hottest shell film can replace cellophane

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The shell film can replace cellophane

the shell film developed by Japanese researchers can replace cellophane. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in decoration, packaging and other fields

the raw materials used to produce crustacean films are very abundant. 4. The output results, such as digital display or screen display, are rich. In nature, a considerable part of the shells of insects or crustaceans are composed of chitin, an amorphous polysaccharide. Its main chemical composition is fibronectin. The visible tensile strength to ductile metal is the resistance to its ultimate uniform plastic deformation, while cellulose, It is the main raw material for the production of shell film

the process of processing chitin film with chitin is not complicated. First, soak the chitin accumulated during industrial processing of crab and shrimp in hydrochloric acid, and then precipitate calcium and protein with strong alkali to obtain semi-finished chitin powder; Then dissolve the shell powder in the mixture of dimethylamine acetate, cyclopentanone and lithium chloride, and then evenly distribute the mixed solution. You need to check these two key points, sprinkle it on the glass plate, and soak it in isopropanol solution. A transparent shell film is formed on the glass plate. After drying, this transparent film can replace the establishment of multi-level chemical industry university research cooperation. Cellophane can be used for decoration and packaging, and has no pollution to the environment and can be degraded by itself

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