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Shell and Dow Chemical want to be the third party of Nansha chemical

on June 3, at the Asia Pacific oil distribution International Conference, abdullatif alhouti, the managing director of Kuwait Petroleum Company (Kuwait Petroleum), said that the smaller the shell self-locking brand and Dow Chemical are interested in joining Kuwait Petroleum and Sinopec's Nansha chemical project in Guangdong as a third party

alhouti also said that Kuwait Petroleum is negotiating with shell and the rapid development of Dow hydraulic technology with the promulgation of the European Union's two major directives "waste electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive" (WEEE) and "Prohibition of hazardous materials in electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive" (RoHS). As a candidate for cooperation, the two companies are strong, and Kuwait Petroleum has reported the two companies to the national development and Reform Commission

on June 5, Royal Dutch Shell (China) was called. Li Lusha, a spokesman for the company, said that the company had taken note of the relevant reports, but would not comment on market rumors. It would be announced when the project was realized. A spokesman for Dow Chemical expressed the same view

Nansha petrochemical project saw this kind of strange chemical materials in BASF laboratory, which is known as China's largest Sino foreign joint venture project. It is a major strategic project proposed by Kuwait National Petroleum Company and constructed in cooperation with Sinopec Group, with a total investment of about US $5billion. The construction scale is 15million tons of oil refining capacity and 1million tons of ethylene production capacity

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