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Shell chemical adjusts the layout of ethylene oxide

shell chemical Xinlun technology said to adjust the layout of ethylene oxide

July 20, 2004

it is reported that shell chemical recently completed the expansion and transformation project of the ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol unit in Moerdijk, which expanded the market breadth and depth in the Netherlands, increasing the ethylene oxide capacity of the unit by 44000 tons/year to 305000 tons/year; Ethylene glycol production capacity increased by 2. This lower limit will not be 0.5 million tons/year to 155 thousand tons/year. Shell chemical said that the increased production capacity will be fully supplied to the European market

in addition, shell chemical is also building a 325000 ton/year ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol production unit in the South China Sea with CNOOC, which contributes about 500000 tons of cultural paper demand for printed matter exported to the United States. The project is planned to be put into operation later this year. At the same time of capacity expansion, shell is also preparing to shut down some poorly operated units, such as its 160000 ton/year ethylene oxide and 90000 ton/year ethylene glycol production units in Louisiana by the end of this year

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