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Shell joins hands with wind power equipment manufacturers to welcome the "new air outlet" of offshore wind power

shell joins hands with wind power equipment manufacturers to welcome the "new air outlet" of offshore wind power

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the offshore wind power industry is becoming a new energy "air outlet" and is warmly pursued by capital from all walks of life, the wind power industry and local governments. From September 14 to 15, the 2017 10th China (Jiangsu) International Wind Power Industry Development Summit Forum, jointly hosted by Jiangsu renewable energy industry association and Jiangsu wind power engineering technology center, was held in Nanjing. Entrepreneurs and technical experts from government departments, industry associations, energy development, equipment manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, consulting and certification, financial investment and other fields gathered to explore opportunities for offshore wind power development, Jointly seek the road to the healthy development of the wind power industry

the site of the 10th China (Jiangsu) International Wind Power Industry Development Summit Forum

the future development of offshore wind power and the cutting-edge technology of the wind power industry are the two core themes of this forum. Facing the rapidly rising offshore wind power market, Tu Yongsheng, the Asia Pacific OEM manager of shell (China) Co., Ltd., deeply shared shell's latest wind turbine gear oil product - pressure resistant S5 wind 320 gear oil, and brought a comprehensive technical solution for the reliable operation of offshore wind turbines

China's offshore wind power started late, but has developed very rapidly in recent years, especially in the coastal wind resources rich sea areas such as Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shandong, Dalian. Statistics show that in 2016, China's offshore wind power investment range can be 590 MW, with a cumulative installed capacity of 1630 MW, an increase of 64% year-on-year, ranking third in the world after Britain and Germany. With the improvement of technology and the decline of cost, the development of offshore wind power has entered a period of acceleration, and may usher in high-speed growth in the next two years

Tu Yongsheng, Asia Pacific OEM manager of shell (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

compared with onshore wind power projects, the biggest difference of offshore wind power projects lies in the different installation, operation and maintenance environment and conditions. Due to the harsh coastal wind conditions and the significant impact of seawater salt erosion, wind turbines encounter many challenges in the reliability and stability of operation and maintenance, so that graphene batteries can achieve a major breakthrough in conductivity and charging speed. "At present, the biggest pain point in the development of offshore wind power is still the high cost", Tu Yongsheng said that to reduce the cost of offshore wind turbines, especially in the later operation and maintenance, the first problem to be solved is to improve the operational reliability, "To this end, Shell lubricants has innovated and upgraded the pressure resistant S5 wind 320 gear oil and efficient wind farm service plan, focusing on coping with the harsh weather and environment at sea and avoiding the huge shutdown losses that may be caused by fan failure"

the key to cost reduction and performance improvement lies in technological innovation. It is reported that shell can withstand S5 wind 320 new generation wind power synthetic gear oil has been launched through the research and development of shell's technical team, which has achieved a revenue of more than 200 billion yuan and 220.414 billion yuan for five years, as well as the application experience of a large number of domestic and international parts and complete machine manufacturers and end users. Shell pressure resistant S5 wind 320 gear oil has significant advantages in abrasion resistance, pitting resistance, rust resistance, low temperature characteristics, service life, foam characteristics, filterability, paint and sealing material compatibility, which can greatly improve the operation reliability of the gearbox and bearing of the core components of the wind turbine, extend its service life and reduce the total cost of ownership. In addition, Shell lubricants also provides competitive services to support the efficient operation of the wind farm, including lubeanalyst lubrication analyst service, gearbox oil regular inspection service to improve the stability of fan operation, gearbox endoscope inspection, oil replacement and flushing process to optimize operation and maintenance costs, automatic bearing lubrication system and lubrication failure analysis service to reduce mechanical failures, on-site training Technical training of operation and maintenance personnel and real-time monitoring of tire parameters; Track the historical data of the whole life cycle of tires through specific technologies; Combine TPMS system HSSE machine risk control training to help establish a reliable team of technicians

wind power is the key direction of clean energy development in the national "13th five year plan". In order to make great progress in offshore wind power in the future, both upstream manufacturers and downstream developers of the industrial chain need to improve stability and reduce costs rationally through innovative technologies. Shell lubricants is willing to work with wind power equipment enterprises and wind farm owners to jointly develop the "blue ocean" market of offshore wind power

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