The hottest shell believes that the low oil price

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According to Reuters, London, February 2, Simon Henry, chief financial officer of Royal Dutch Shell, Europe's largest oil company, said at a meeting today that the oil price may fall to $70 a barrel this year, which is the middle price of the oil price range shell needs to plan new projects, This means that the oil price may fall by $40 a barrel from the current value of Brent crude oil, the benchmark crude oil

Henry said: 'we plan our future new projects with the oil price range of $50 to $90'

he said: "I'm not sure that the oil price will fall in the next 12 months. The patterns or elements are designed in the lower stage of the experimental machine in nanometers or at the bottom of the range with a scale of 1 billionth of a meter. If we adopt the electro-hydraulic servo control scheme, however, we can certainly see that the oil price will fall to the middle of this range in 2012."

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