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7 ton bully! How about Doosan DXC excavator

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in the twinkling of an eye, it is the traditional peak season for purchasing machines, and many users are beginning to have a headache about what kind of excavators to buy. Continuing the topic last week, in fact, the competition in the domestic 7-ton small excavation market is quite fierce. In addition to the two small excavators introduced last week, there is also a popular model Doosan DXC in the excavator market. What about this excavator? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Jiayou in actual use

7-ton small excavation Doosan DXC excavator introduction

first, the product is briefly introduced. Doosan DXC excavator is a classic small excavation product of 7-ton level, with a complete machine weight of 7420kg and a bucket capacity of 0.3m ³, The very suitable experimental units can set up the fields of municipal construction, highway, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry according to their needs. According to the official introduction, compared with the previous generation, Doosan DXC is very important in terms of fuel saving. The product has been improved by 12%, and the fuel effect has been improved by 11% compared with the previous generation. Walking three and five layers of film has become the standard product, and the speed has been increased by 4%

in terms of working devices, Doosan DXC adopts the enhanced design of large and small arms and the integrated design of the boom base plate to reduce the welding points of the large and small arms, improve the structure to avoid stress concentration and improve the structure of the large and small arms. Instead, it selects the industrial control computer for stability and durability

a new type of idler gear with optimized structural design is adopted, and the integrated casting process is adopted to simplify the assembly process and improve the connection strength; The fixing method of the lower roller is changed to center fixing, which increases the stability of the lower body and greatly improves the strength of the chassis structure

Doosan DXC adopts a newly designed battery box and adds a grease barrel and grease gun bracket to provide users with better convenience

in terms of power performance, Doosan DXC excavator is equipped with Yangma 4tnv98-exs engine, with a rated power of 39kw/2200rpm. It uses a mechanical injection system, meets the national T3 emission standard, and is characterized by high fuel efficiency and strong durability; The newly added fuel prefilter and air prefilter ensure the cleanliness of the engine combustion system and intake system, and ensure the durability of the engine quality

Doosan DXC adopts the medium and large DX series cab, which makes the cab very spacious. If the cab is spacious and comfortable, there are advantages and disadvantages. When the cab is large, there will be blind areas. Many users feel the same

let's take a look at the details of the cab given in the brochure. The cab of Doosan DXC is equipped with a comfortable air conditioning system, the operating panel model has been upgraded, and the engine emergency braking button is also provided inside

Jiayou said cars: listen to the real feelings of Doosan users.

no one is perfect, and no car is complete. Every excavator has its advantages and disadvantages. What are the feelings of users of Doosan 75? For this reason, the author also interviewed several forum owners of Doosan DXC

1. Forum a friend: dig yourself

purchase time: December 26, 2018

hours of use: 200 hours

purchase reason: the new model of the first Doosan is beautiful, the cab is large, and it uses a Yangma EFI 98 engine (because I have a Yuchai engine that is also a Yangma 98 engine, and it hasn't been broken for more than 9000 hours except for maintenance, so I like it better and save fuel)

advantages: I think the driver's cab of Doosan DXC is very large, and it's not crowded to sit at the back of a 1.8 meter seat; The suspension seat is good, and the waist is not sour after a day's work; The radio signal is especially good. It is stronger than the radio signal of other brands of excavators. There are signals in deep mountains

disadvantages: the left track cannot be seen in the cab; The design of the grease nipple is unreasonable. You have to change several positions to get the grease; The control handle is too thick. It's really uncomfortable to hold; In addition, the bucket shaft is 4.5cm in diameter, and other brands are 5cm. Although it is 0.5cm thin, the bucket shaft will be broken in the future

2. Friend a of the Forum: Nanren Beilang

time of purchase: in July 2018, Beilang, a native of Central South China, said: "Doosan dx75 cab is big! Big! The seat can be put down, and you can have a rest at noon. The movement is smooth. There are many lockers in the cab, where you can put some small things! The walking movement is weak, and the left track is out of view when the driving is large enough; the operating handle is too large, and the working hours are long and tired; the bulldozer is inconvenient on the left; the Yangma engine is noisy, but you can get it at the low throttle when the sound is loud The response of the big throttle. If you work as a desk shift, the boss thinks you have turned on the gas. "

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