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86 chemical enterprises in Wenchang Lake District, Zibo shut down "86 chemical enterprises in Wenchang Lake District, Zibo shut down" July 4, 2018

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the new material industry is facing the development trends of increasing material varieties and brands, widespread distribution of production and user enterprises, and increasing personalized demand for materials

recently, the Zibo Municipal government has again played a heavy hand in environmental protection in Wenchang Lake District, and all 86 chemical enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction have been shut down; By 2020, chemical enterprises within the jurisdiction will be "cleared"

the chemical industry is one of the leading industries in Wenchang Lake District. There are 93 chemical enterprises in the district. In 2017, the sales revenue was 1.59 billion yuan and the profit and tax was 16.82 million yuan. On June 28, an inspection team composed of 12 functional law enforcement departments went to various chemical enterprises in Zibo to check and accept the closure. As of June 29, 84 chemical enterprises have completed "two interruptions and four cleanups", and another 2 chemical enterprises are dismantling equipment or clearing inventory.

it is reported that by 2020, the chemical enterprises in Wenchang Lake District of Zibo City will be cleared, and relevant departments will guide the closed and banned chemical enterprises to actively transform. 9. the next fixture is the oil box exhibition of high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry and tourism service industry

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