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On December 17, 2015, the 2016 annual distributor conference of Guangzhou Qixi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Qixi building, Guangzhou Science City. The full load of Qixi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was only 5nxi building. On the afternoon of the 16th, distributors from all over the country arrived in Guangzhou by plane and high-speed rail. On the morning of the 17th, seven up smart employees and distributors took a bus from the collapsed hotel to the seven up industrial park in YUNPU Industrial Zone, Huangpu District to visit the seven up smart factory. With an area of 200 mu and a construction area of nearly 200000 square meters, Qixi Industrial Park is one of the electronic industrial parks with the best hardware conditions in China. The production and R & D of Qixi intelligence are all here. In Qixi Industrial Park, distributors can fully understand the production, manufacturing and quality control of Qixi inverter

when we arrived at the seven up smart factory, the gloomy sun for many days also showed a smiling face when seeing such a happy event. The sun was shining outside, and the factory inside was jubilant. The front desk was set up step by step, which symbolized that the performance of seven up smart was also rising step by step. Manager C of the production department has been waiting for the arrival of the distributor at the door. The colleagues in charge of logistics prepared drinks and fruits in the conference room for the distributors to enjoy

after a simple rest, Manager C led the distributor to visit the workshop. In order to ensure the quality, the production of 7xi intelligent has a strict management system. You must wear anti-static clothes when entering the workshop. The production process of 7-up inverter adopts fully computerized management, which is divided into 12 links. First of all, the production raw materials need to be PCB pasted and wave soldering. After the process is completed, QC inspection is carried out. After passing the test, they are put into storage. Qualified parts and components will enter the next stage, without any defect. The staff will issue a work order, import the data into the sac system, input the barcode, and print the barcode for all electronic parts; Then conduct FOB test. Before the test, each part will be pasted with bar code for scanning each key process, and the test results will be automatically entered into the system. After that, spray and bake the three proofing paint on the product to complete the product assembly; After the completion of product assembly, the final testing stage will be reached

each key process must be bar scanned, and the production control system will automatically record the relevant data in the database. When the product lacks a certain process, the system will automatically alarm. Through the system, you can immediately know which link has errors and omissions, solve the problems in time, avoid the tedious manual inspection, realize fine management and improve production efficiency. This system can also play a considerable role in after-sales. When the parts of the product need to be repaired or replaced, just scan the bar code to immediately understand the parameters and assembly of the parts, so as to facilitate the maintenance personnel to repair. The system used by seven up intelligence is called SFC system

at present, 7xi intelligent has three assembly lines, which are responsible for the assembly of 7.5kW and 37KW products respectively. After the product is assembled, the fully automated high-voltage test, complete machine test and aging test are carried out in turn. Finally, the product passed the inspection, packed and shipped

there is also a high-power machine laboratory on the first floor of Building 1 where the results of the experiment are displayed or printed at the seven up intelligence office. It is specially used to test and debug high-power frequency converters, which contain high-power motors and related load equipment. The high-power frequency converter produced by seven up smart will be delivered after the motor is actually tested here

at present, 7xi intelligent has produced three series of low-voltage general-purpose inverters: hd71, hd700 and hd710. From next year, HD800 series will be added. This series of inverter has closed-loop vector function and can support a variety of bus standards through communication cards

after visiting the seven up smart factory, in the afternoon, the distributors returned to the seven up building in science city. Chairman yixianzhong of 7xi group delivered a speech. President Yi reviewed his experience in selling imported frequency converters 20 years ago and shared his successful experience. Mr. Yi is full of confidence in the quality and technology of 7xi inverter. In order to make the 7xi inverter into a domestic product, from 2010 to now, Yi has invested a total of 120million yuan, set up a research and development center in the UK, and heavily hired technical experts from well-known inverter enterprises such as Emerson in China. After the product came out, in order to enter the European and American markets, it soon passed the UL certification in the United States and the CE certification in Europe. Many certified products may be different from the products produced. Mr. Yi introduced that UL certification is not enough. At present, UL certifiers from fluorine mining, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 3-chloromethane, 4-fluoroethylene, 6-fluoropropylene and poly-4-fluoroethylene in the park will go to the factory for audit from time to time (at least 4 times a year). Generally, the factory will not be notified until they arrive at the factory gate, and they will be given 15 minutes to prepare, and then the products will be inspected. Therefore, in daily production, seven up intelligence also maintains high standards, which is the requirement of UL certification and its own commitment to building high-quality frequency converters. At the meeting, the distributors also reported that the quality of Qixi inverter is indeed better than that of ordinary domestic brands

next, the general manager of 7xi intelligent l introduced the 2016 business plan of 7xi intelligent to the distributors. It will launch servo drives, HD800 high-performance closed-loop vector converters, and will enter some industry markets

later, colleagues from the sales department and user service department introduced the channel policy and product features of 7xi in more detail

the one-day meeting was compact and full. The factory visit, the introduction of President Yi, President L and other colleagues made the distributors fully understand and trust 7xi intelligence. With a good hope for the business in 2016, the 2016 annual conference of 7xi intelligence was successfully concluded at 18:00 p.m

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