The hottest 7KW three-phase diesel generator

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7KW three-phase diesel generator

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diesel generator is suitable for ul859 swing angle test speed 25 times/min (settable) . tacit speed: the 20 times/minute motor is a self-supporting power generation equipment, which mainly supplies emergency power supply in case of power failure. In fact, most of the units are in standby status, and there are few opportunities to actually put them into use. In ordinary times, they mainly focus on commissioning, and lack perfect detection and maintenance skills. However, this kind of emergency standby power supply is not poor. How to ensure that the generator can supply power in time in case of emergency, operate safely and reliably, and shut down immediately after the power failure in an ordinary environment with less utilization. This article introduces some huge methods, which can effectively achieve the goal

first, check the solenoid valve. When the generator is running, people have summed up a set of inspection methods of "one look, two listen, three touch and four smell". Listening at startup is a very important step. Take the original Cummins generator in the United States as an example. Just press the start button and it can be started three seconds later. Two "clicks" can be heard within three seconds. Once the second sound is not heard, check whether the starting solenoid valve is normal. If the solenoid coil is burnt out, the generator cannot be started

second, check the battery pack. Because the backup power supply is not often put into use, whether the generator can start normally depends on the protection and maintenance of the battery. For example, the battery pack shows some achievements. The rare environment is: there is voltage but no current. At this time, the sound of solenoid valve in the starter must be very polluting to the environment, but the coupling cannot be moved. There are three notices that the battery pack fails to shut down due to performance: 1 Stopping charging the battery during the test run will lead to a lack of battery power. 2. the mechanical oil pump is driven by belt, and the pump oil volume under additional speed is very large, but the battery pack is lack of power supply, which leads to the failure to seal the fuel ejected from the four oil outlet holes due to insufficient suction of the solenoid valve during shutdown, resulting in the failure to stop the machine. 3. domestic batteries usually have a service life of two years and are not replaced on schedule

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