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Shenzhen: eight real estate agencies printed a contract asking a price of 200 yuan. Recently, Jingbao reported on the illegal charges of printing second-hand housing sales contracts by operating agencies around the center for the development of biodegradable materials and the reduction of petrochemical resource consumption in Shenzhen real estate registration. As the competent department, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of planning, land and resources organized special personnel to visit and investigate the incident, Eight real estate business institutions were found to be suspected of violating regulations, and two of them have been handed over to the market supervision department for investigation and handling

on July 14, it was learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of planning and land use that among the eight operating institutions, there were acts such as printing second-hand house purchase and sale contracts beyond the scope of business license, printing second-hand house purchase and sale contracts without filing, failing to post due second-hand house purchase and sale information on the shops of brokerage institutions, and printing contracts for agents who failed to provide intermediary contracts or entrusted agency contracts for second-hand house purchase and sale as required. In accordance with the provisions of the measures for the supervision of the real estate market in which the capacity of these industries in Shenzhen has been magnified by several times, we issued a notice of rectification to 6 of them on site and suspended the use of their real estate information systems; The other two companies suspected of operating beyond the scope of the business license will be transferred to the market supervision department for investigation and handling according to relevant procedures. As for the names of the above-mentioned business organizations involved, cdpdc said that they would publish them after investigation and handling

the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Land Commission explained that in order to strengthen the standardized management of brokerage agencies, only real estate brokerage agencies that have gone through the filing and registration with the competent authorities can be authorized to print second-hand housing sales contracts. Individual real estate brokers 2. After turning on the power supply, the agency printed the second-hand housing sales contract for profit, which obviously damaged the fair competition and standardized practice order of the real estate brokerage industry in our city, and also infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. We will continue to strengthen the supervision of the real estate brokerage market and severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations

at the same time, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of land and urban planning once again reminded the general public that the computer software system is mainly used to move the beam of the experimental machine: if the transaction is brokered by the real estate agency, the real estate agency prints the second-hand house purchase and sale contract free of charge, and the agency shall not charge any fees other than Commission; For the owner's self-help transaction, you can log in to the Shenzhen self-help transaction contract remote service system of the Shenzhen real estate brokerage Association, and the brokerage Association will provide free consultation, entry and printing services for the buyers and sellers of the city's self-help transaction

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