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On December 3, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council chaired an executive meeting of the State Council to study and deploy the current policies and measures of finance to promote economic development

the meeting pointed out that in order to cope with the international financial crisis and maintain steady and rapid economic development, we must seriously implement an active fiscal policy and a moderately loose monetary policy with the same performance, and further increase financial support for economic development. By improving supporting policies and measures and innovating institutional mechanisms, we should mobilize the enthusiasm of commercial banks to increase credit, enhance the ability of financial institutions to resist risks, form a joint force of banks, securities, insurance and other aspects to expand financing and disperse risks, and give better play to the role of Finance in supporting economic growth and promoting structural adjustment

the conference studied and determined the policies and measures of finance to promote economic development

(I) implement moderately loose monetary policy and promote the stable growth of money and credit. We will make comprehensive use of the deposit reserve ratio, interest rates, exchange rates and other means to maintain a sufficient supply of liquidity in the banking system, and increase the loan scale of policy banks by 100billion yuan in 2008

(II) strengthen and improve credit services to meet reasonable capital needs. Encourage local governments to increase the support for credit guarantee companies originally developed for the furniture industry through capital injection, risk compensation and other means; Establish multi-level loan guarantee funds and guarantee institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and increase the proportion of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises; The qualified credit guarantee institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises shall be exempted from business tax; Establish rural credit guarantee mechanism, expand the scope of rural effective collateral, and actively explore the development of rural credit products with various forms of guarantee; We will actively expand the housing, automobile and rural consumer credit markets

(III) accelerate the construction of multi-level capital market system, and launch five test methods of static universal fatigue testing machine. Do you know? The resource allocation function of the market. Stabilize the operation of the stock market, promote the steady development of the futures market, expand the scale of bond issuance, and give priority to the issuance of bonds related to infrastructure, livelihood projects, ecological environment construction and post disaster reconstruction

(IV) give full play to the guarantee and financing functions of insurance to promote the stable operation of economy and society. We will actively develop insurance businesses for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, housing and automobile consumption, health and pension, and guide insurance companies to invest in transportation, communications, energy and other infrastructure and rural infrastructure projects in the form of creditor's rights

(V) innovate financing methods, and broaden enterprise financing channels through M & A loans, real estate trust and investment funds, equity investment funds and standardized development of private financing

(VI) improve foreign exchange management and vigorously promote trade and investment facilitation. We will appropriately increase the proportion of foreign exchange settlement of loans received in advance by enterprises, facilitate trade financing for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the efficiency of the use of foreign exchange funds, and support the development of foreign trade

(VII) accelerate the modernization of financial services and comprehensively improve the level of financial services. We will further enrich the payment instrument system, expand the scope of government subsidies such as agriculture related and disaster relief subsidies directly paid by the state treasury, optimize the export tax rebate process, and continue to promote the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises and rural credit systems

investigate whether the operation is normal; (VIII) increase fiscal and tax policy support, give full play to the leverage of financial funds, and enhance the financial industry's ability to resolve non-performing assets and promote economic growth

(IX) deepen financial reform, improve the financial supervision system, strengthen risk monitoring and management, and effectively maintain financial security and stability

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