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725 Research Institute will expand and strengthen the application scope of each scale of Rockwell hardness to strengthen the special coating industry. On June 14, 2005, 725 Research Institute is subordinate to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and is a national key scientific research institution. Since its establishment in Beijing in 1961, the Seventh Five year plan institute has moved its site twice. After more than 40 years of hard work, it has developed into a unique multi-disciplinary comprehensive research, test and production base for ship materials and related products in China. Over the past 40 years, the Institute has undertaken and completed a series of national key engineering research and development tasks, and obtained more than 700 scientific and technological achievements. It has made significant contributions to the technological progress and national economic construction of China's shipbuilding industry in keeping with the tide of the times. It is known as the "Silicon Valley" of China's shipbuilding materials

since the reform and opening up, especially after entering the new century, the Seventh Five Year Plan Research Institute has vigorously promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so that a large number of scientific and technological achievements can be commercialized rapidly, the interval between industrial cutting and experiments should not exceed 24h, and leapt onto the International Economic and trade stage. For example, in the field of special coatings, the Seventh Five Year Plan Research Institute has not only successfully developed a variety of products, but also established Xiamen Shuangrui Marine Coatings Co., Ltd. in recent years. Recently, the Institute announced that it plans to turn the existing special coating industry from an output value of more than 10million yuan to a scale of several hundred million yuan

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