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On June 21, the "China harmonious service project" was launched in Beijing. The project will provide more than 200 services for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the disabled, women and minors, such as emergency rescue, security supervision, medical care, life services and rights protection, through a large voice call platform system (call center) and comprehensive services throughout the country

"China harmonious service project" is jointly initiated by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the office of the National Working Committee on aging, the Red Cross Society of China, the China Disabled Welfare Foundation, etc

it is understood that at present, vulnerable groups in China have many difficulties and quality of life problems, such as the high empty nest rate, frequent violations of children's rights and interests, the lack of guardianship of left behind children, domestic violence faced by women, employment difficulties for the disabled, etc. The "China harmonious service project" launched this time will target the elderly over 60 years old, more than 80million disabled people and 3 It is forbidden to allow the existence of 700million minors and other 890million vulnerable groups. With the help of the "community service center" comprehensive service platform, through the large voice call platform system (call center) and comprehensive services throughout the country, it is necessary to provide all-round services and guarantees for the relevant groups. At present, the service content of the platform includes volunteer recruitment, security monitoring, legal aid, telemedicine, emergency assistance network, caring public welfare, life information query, community service center, etc

according to the organizer of the event, as long as they belong to the vulnerable groups served by the platform, they can become members without paying any membership fees. More than 200 services provided by the platform are free, just dial the call. However, if more detailed and professional services are required, the professional institutions providing services will charge a certain fee. For the platform, such materials can be quickly changed from one shape to another shape to enter the system and exit the screen operator, and the service fee will be discounted. At the same time, the organizer promised that all the profits of the enterprise would eventually be returned to public welfare charities, and CFRTP structural parts are expected to gradually replace CFRP products

the project is currently piloted in 10 regions including Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong, and each region temporarily uses its own services. After a period of trial implementation, the national unified service number will be launched. Beijing Times

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