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Solid wood floor is a floor block made of wood without splicing and processing. It has the advantages of warmth and softness, natural and pleasant, sound insulation, good foot feeling and so on, so it is favored by many people. Today, I will introduce some misunderstandings in the purchase of solid wood flooring to remind you to pay attention

1. The consistency of colors is overemphasized, and the requirements for color difference of floors are not specified in China's solid wood flooring standards, because solid wood flooring is a natural material, and a certain color difference is natural, which also reflects its naturalness

2. Buy long and wide floors. Some consumers buy long and wide large-size floors in order to make the floor look magnificent. In fact, the larger the size of the floor, the easier it is to deform and the price is more expensive

3. Floor supply and pavement are not the same, but quality problems are easy to cause selection and wrangling

4. Do not pay attention to the moisture content of the floor keel and the quality of the foundation. Only when the moisture content of the keel is qualified, the foundation is flat and dry can the quality of the floor after paving be guaranteed

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