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In December, the decoration of new houses of many citizens also entered a sprint stage. Due to the increasing procurement channels, many people understand the principle of careful calculation when decorating, and will personally check and shop around for bulk building materials and furniture. However, the reporter found that the complaints about the hidden links of decoration are increasing, many of which will make consumers dumbfounded. How can we avoid potential consumption traps

◆ unclear terms of early quotation and after-sales service: consumers are prone to suffer losses.

in home decoration, there is a large gap between the early quotation and the settlement price, especially some small decoration companies with irregular management tend to attract owners with low quotations in the early stage. Most of the means are to mark the construction process only when quoting the construction project, and deliberately ignore the specific content. For example, the prices of carpenters, painters and bricklayers are generally indicated by items. Although there is little difference between the single quotation and the actual settlement, the total price will be much higher

some small companies deliberately hide the process items when quoting, and then add them slowly after the commencement, and tell the owner that they must be done, or do not report the management fees, taxes, etc. in the preliminary budget, and then record them all in the settlement. At this time, the owner realized that he had been cheated by the former

in addition, the after-sales service and maintenance of home decoration are easy to be ignored by owners. After the decoration is basically completed, there may be some construction quality problems, and the construction team often delays. The warranty of some construction teams is mostly verbal commitment, and there is no clear specification in terms of time. Guerrillas, let alone after-sales, are not uncommon to find people just after the completion of construction

therefore, consumers need to check the decoration process from the time of signing the contract. For example, when finalizing the decoration budget with the decoration company, we might as well do a moderate compression in the early stage and a moderate and reasonable rise in the later stage according to the actual communication on the decoration site. When signing the contract, carefully check whether the decoration project has been included in the budget. According to relevant regulations, if there is a deviation of 8% or more between the decoration budget and the actual expenditure in the contract, the excess will be borne by the consumer. For the designer's suggestions on demolition, modification, modeling, etc., the owner can give more consideration to its practicality and avoid frequent changes in the scheme during construction, which can reduce unnecessary expenses

◆ concealed works and decoration accessories are easy to hide

if early quotation and after-sales service belong to soft invisible links, then concealed works and decoration accessories belong to real hidden links of decoration. As most consumers are non professionals, many decoration companies often use this to fish in troubled waters

waterproofing of concealed works and circuit transformation are often related to the quality of life and safety in the future. The so-called concealed works are the construction parts that will be covered by the next process, such as water and electricity, wall and ground base, etc. Among them, hydropower projects are not included in the contract, and are charged according to the actual amount after construction. Due to the lack of professional decoration experience, most owners are confused about the laying method and direction of water pipes and lines. Therefore, the construction team can increase the number of meters and square meters at will and settle the price with the owner. Such traps may occur in various forms of contracting projects. Moreover, concealed works are also prone to shortness of weight, such as waterproof works, the number of paint layers on the wall base, etc., which are often tricky places. In addition, because the decoration companies are usually responsible for the expenditure of auxiliary materials used in the above invisible processes, some unscrupulous decoration companies will do something about these links that are not easy to be found, so as to reduce the decoration cost

compared with the contract link, the quality of hidden projects often depends on the decoration company, so it is important to choose a large company with commitment and guarantee. It is reported that at present, many brand home decoration companies have made a commitment to capping the cost of water and electricity transformation, and even have the decoration and package mode of charging according to the separate space of bathroom, kitchen and so on, effectively avoiding the unsafe factors of concealed works. The construction level of concealed works in some brand companies has been high, and there are professional methods to distinguish whether concealed works are in place by color. If you are looking for guerrillas, it is safer to hire reliable and experienced supervisors to supervise the site

as for auxiliary materials, before or during the construction, the owner had better be present in person, bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to come to the site to check and accept the decoration auxiliary materials such as water and electricity pipes, plates, waterproof materials, cement, etc. Of course, indicating the brand of auxiliary materials in the contract will allow the owner to better identify the quality of auxiliary materials. Finally, during the construction period, the irregular surprise inspection of the construction site will play an invisible supervision on the construction personnel, which can reduce the possibility that the auxiliary materials are swapped




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