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Since the overall wardrobe entered the Chinese market, it has been favored by consumers because of its fashion, professional and environmental protection characteristics. The rapid development of the overall wardrobe industry has also brought many problems. The wardrobe enterprises are mainly manual when moving doors, and the production efficiency is low, which can not meet the current huge consumer market, which restricts the development of enterprises. To break through this bottleneck, wardrobe brand enterprises need to implement standardized production. The whole wardrobe enterprise carries out standardized production! Whole house customized furniture joins dewell

what is standardized production? Standardized production refers to the implementation and supervision of standards in the production process. Producers organize production according to the standards, and relevant national departments supervise and supervise the production process according to the standards. The implementation of standardized production in China's customized wardrobe industry is also an inevitable trend. To implement standardization, we must have the following points

products need personalized production and should be standardized

customized furniture in developed countries is basically standardized production. Customers are free to choose various modules and accessories when purchasing and installing according to their own needs

release human pressure and reduce terminal staffing

according to the furniture structure diagram and the production standard of the overall wardrobe, more than 90% of the wardrobe can be produced according to standardization. When carrying out standardized production, for example, a set of wardrobe can be divided into No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 cabinets, and consumers can freely combine them into their favorite styles according to their needs. Combined with standardized sales software, ordinary shopping guides can show the effect pictures of the wardrobe required by customers, and they can sell without the presence of designers

of course, some brand stores are equipped with professional designers to produce renderings, which really attracts consumers. But there are also a few consumers who just come for their renderings, and then go to other brands to customize their wardrobes after getting the renderings. Such a result has restricted the market sales of the brand. But consumers should also understand that quality assurance is a big problem for enterprises without design ability and products produced by others' design

standardized production helps improve product quality and production speed

in addition, products produced according to standardization are easier to carry out quality control, such as the unified standard punching method, which changes the previous situation that varies from person to person and reduces the error rate. For consumers, because the manufacturer's standardized production reduces the cost, its price will be cheaper than the previous non-standard production; At the same time, the advantages of customized wardrobe in saving space and personalized fashion have also been brought into greater play. It is imperative for the overall wardrobe enterprises to carry out standardized production

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