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Comfortable living TB heart European style wardrobe, the color is gentle and delicate, the unique aluminum alloy shape frame is coordinated with the sliding door as a whole, the shape is elegant and generous, and the hand feel is exquisite, which makes the bedroom filled with a strong flavor of simple Europe

comfortable living TB heart European style wardrobe, with gentle and delicate color, the unique aluminum alloy modeling frame is coordinated with the sliding door as a whole, with elegant and generous modeling and delicate hand feeling, which makes the bedroom filled with a strong flavor of simplicity and Europe

I. plate

cabinet door: the cabinet door plate is made of Melamine faced medium density board, and the cabinet door frame is made of aluminum alloy, showing a 45 ° joint angle, with a smooth and generous shape. Special connecting accessories are used to make the surface interface fit closely without trace, which not only ensures durability, but also has a good dust-proof effect. At the same time, the color of the sliding door frame is consistent with the cabinet door and cabinet body, which is unified and generous. The cabinet door also adopts magnetic stripe frame, which will not rebound when the cabinet door is closed. The magnetic stripe adopts embedded design without glue, which reflects the characteristics of environmental protection. The magnetic suction frame can achieve the dust-proof effect to the greatest extent because it is instantly attracted by magnetic attraction and then closed tightly

cabinet: Melamine faced medium density board is also used, with a thickness of 18mm. The decorative wood grain is clear and real, and the hand feel is exquisite

edge banding: the thickness of edge banding is 1.5mm, with edge banding logo

II. Storage function design

the interior of the wardrobe has complete functions and powerful storage functions, including hanging area, stacking area, lattice frame, drawer, L-frame, pants rack, inductive LED light, etc. the top cabinet can place clothes that are not commonly used. Consumers can choose to configure more hanging areas or shelves according to their own needs. The cabinet laminate can be moved, which is convenient for removal and installation during daily cleaning. A layer of rubber sleeve is added on the laminate support, which not only prevents skid, but also prevents the hardware from scratching the laminate, which is intimate and practical. Moreover, the bottom plate is 8 cm above the ground, which has a good moisture-proof effect

III. accessories

invisible handle: the sliding door frame made of aluminum alloy with a 45 ° angle can be used as an invisible handle, which can easily open the sliding door

anti collision strip and wool top: the anti-collision strip and wool top of most products in the market are bonded with glue when connected with the sliding door body. The anti-collision strip and wool top of the sliding door frame are designed with inlaid design. Through the embedded fixation method, a large amount of glue can be prevented from being used, and the production of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene and other harmful substances can be reduced, so as to achieve real low-carbon environmental protection. At the same time, it can make the anti-collision strip and wool stick closely with the cabinet door, and the dust-proof effect is good

induction LED lamp: the induction LED lamp is added on the top of the wardrobe floor, which is sensitive, intimate and practical

clothes hanging rod: a cross beam is added inside the clothes rod to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the clothes hanging rod. There is also a non slip design on the surface of the clothes pole, which can effectively prevent clothes from slipping. The clothes hanging rod can be disassembled at will. If necessary, it can be removed and other items can be placed

drawer: it is convenient to store small items. The wardrobe guide rail has a brand logo, and the push and pull is smooth

handle: the overall shape is simple, the pattern is exquisite, the tone is calm and quiet, which is consistent with the overall style of the wardrobe, showing a strong European style

IV. after sales warranty

free warranty for 5 years

comfortable living TB heart European wardrobe has light and delicate color. The light and delicate color and simple and versatile shape can not only add European charm to the bedroom, but also appear simple and generous. The unique 45 ° door frame has tight seams and good dust-proof effect. It can also be used as an invisible handle, which is intimate and practical





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