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On May 17, yesterday, the reporter saw at the construction site of the 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference stadium in Laixi that the whole framework of the leisure sports conference stadium and stadium has been presented in front of us, with magnificent momentum and distinctive style. The interior of the stadium has entered the stage of intelligent, electrification and other decoration

the leisure sports conference stadium and stadium projects are located in the sports center west of Yangzhou road and north of Beijing Road in Laixi City. It is reported that the stadium has a construction scale of about 10000 seats, covers an area of 46000 square meters, a construction area of about 13400 square meters, and a total cost of more than 94 million yuan. The East viewing platform has three floors on the ground, with a total height of 21.6 meters, and can accommodate 7000 spectators. The West viewing platform has 4 floors above the ground and some 6 floors. The total height of the platform is 41.55 meters, which can accommodate 3000 spectators. During the leisure sports conference, the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as Taijiquan and sword competitions will be held

entering the stadium, the C25 cushion on the west side of the plastic runway is about 1500 square meters, and its grandstand ceiling is arc-shaped. Looking down from the air, the West grandstand looks like a ship, the East grandstand looks like a crescent moon, and the stadium is located in the middle. Zhang Laiqiu, chief engineer of Laixi Municipal Construction Corporation, said, "this double arc design has extremely high requirements for project construction. If ordinary straight-line design is adopted, the construction progress can be doubled." It is understood that the steel structure pipe of the double arc grandstand is difficult to connect, which needs accurate measurement and repeated detection. Its biggest feature is beautiful and practical, which can protect the whole grandstand from wind and rain without affecting the main line of sight

on the east side of the stadium is the stadium, with a building area of 8931.4 square meters. The structural type is a combination of frame and steel structure. There are 4 floors above the ground, no basement, and a total height of 24 meters, with about 4000 seats. During the leisure sports conference, it is used to hold sports dance, street dance and E-sports competitions. Inside the gymnasium, workers are working on the installation of internal curtain walls, fixed seats and indoor lamps. Seen from high above, the round gymnasium is like a big drum with red edges, and the outside is covered with thick red metal, which makes the whole gymnasium show a strong folk flavor. "These metal frames symbolize the fish bones of the moon lake fish in Laixi, and the red color symbolizes our folk Yangko, mainly for decoration." Zhou Hao, chief engineer of Qingdao Jian'an group, told reporters. According to Li Linqing, the on-site staff of Party A, the design of the stadium and gymnasium fully reflects the local characteristics of Laixi, integrating folk yangko dance, dry boat shape and crescent shape of Yuehu park; The architectural texture extracts the artistic elements of folk paper cutting, and uses the relatively strong material of aluminum plate to express the texture, which can perfectly show the sports spirit of combining hardness and softness in leisure sports

at present, in terms of intellectualization, the stadium has completed the laying of monitoring cables, sound reinforcement cables and public address cables on the West grandstand catwalk, as well as the sound reinforcement cables on the second floor of the East grandstand catwalk. The stadium has completed the laying of cables for television broadcasting system and sound reinforcement system, and the installation of building automatic control bridge has been completed to 100 meters. The civil engineering, electrical, piping, steel structure and other decoration works of the venue are carried out as planned, and the whole project is expected to be completed in June





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