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Zhang Qingcheng, general manager of Sichuan weiteng Furniture Co., Ltd. (Yipin door industry), accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from "wooden door world" and home hotline to interpret industry hotspots and focus on development.

interview guests: Zhang Qingcheng, general manager of Sichuan weiteng Furniture Co., Ltd. (Yipin door industry)

Zhang Qingcheng, general manager of Sichuan weiteng Furniture Co., Ltd.

"wooden door world": this year's double 11 has achieved remarkable results, Ma Yun said: the era of pure e-commerce has passed, and the next decade is the era of new retail. So what attitude should the household industry take towards e-commerce and new retail? What is the significance for the home furnishing industry

president Zhang: the home furnishing industry should adopt a embracing attitude towards e-commerce and new retail. Some people say that "e-commerce is hitting, destroying or impacting the home industry". In my opinion, e-commerce has not impacted the home industry, let alone the home industry. E-commerce just combines Internet technology and Internet ideas to create a business model suitable for the future

new retail will be a significant reform for the household industry, because new retail is a new business model created on the premise of the combination of offline, online and modern logistics. It requires offline enterprises to go online and online enterprises to go offline. The key lies in how to perfectly combine offline, online and modern logistics. Because we can't help but look at the future. Yesterday, how to adapt to this new technology, how to cooperate with Internet companies, how to cooperate with modern logistics, and how to make good use of big data to improve the company's inventory management and system are the top priorities of enterprise management. Only to achieve this goal can the furniture industry achieve good development and operation. The future is not terrible. As long as you grasp it, fear comes from ignorance of the future

wooden door world: 2016 has entered the era of national live broadcasting, and the home industry has also begun to actively participate in it. The boom of home live broadcasting has brought more interaction, but also has certain limitations. How can we make better use of this innovative marketing to bring greater development to enterprises

president Zhang: with the popularity of smart phones, the speed of mobile networks has increased significantly. People no longer rely solely on wireless terminals and computers to obtain information. It not only provides consumers with the convenience of watching and uploading videos, but also gives home furnishing enterprises new marketing opportunities to display their corporate culture in a more three-dimensional way at any time and anywhere. In the live broadcast of the home industry, we should think about how to bring more subjective and vivid sensory experience to consumers, and make home enterprises closer to consumers psychologically. At the same time, we also need to grasp consumers' interests and hobbies, and appropriately let the live broadcast be reflected in a vivid way

wooden door world: with the development of the home furnishing industry, more and more insiders are not satisfied with the current customized production mode. They are thinking about how to combine personalized customization with finished products, and realize short production cycle and fast delivery speed at the same time. And some people think that it is better to concentrate on a certain node than to do anything at all. So what direction do you think customized home will go next

president Zhang: in the past, due to the material level, household consumption was more practical, low-key and simple. With the improvement of material living standards, the personalized aesthetic needs of home consumption are becoming increasingly prominent. Then the household industry becomes more intelligent, personalized and customized. If we don't start with personalization and customization, the household industry will be destroyed. At the same time, due to the changes in the retail industry, the original B2C manufacturing mode will be completely transformed into C2B, that is, customized on demand. The supply side reform we are talking about today is to reform ourselves, adapt to the market, reform ourselves, and adapt to consumers

wooden door world: the past two years have been a big year for the capital of the home furnishing industry. From last year's hospitality and Qumei home furnishings to this year's gujia home furnishings, Hengkang furniture, Fusen beauty, etc., the capitalization of home furnishing enterprises has accelerated and ushered in the upsurge of listing again. A large number of well-known home furnishing enterprises have made frequent moves to seek listing. Why

president Zhang: capital is just like blood is for the body. Ensuring sufficient and smooth capital is crucial to the survival and growth of enterprises, and listing is a better way for enterprises to integrate capital. Through listing, enterprises can obtain strong capital support to expand the scale of enterprises, improve product quality, improve design and R & D capabilities, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Industry insiders believe that with the increase of listed enterprises, it is good for the home furnishing industry, which will promote the market to be more standardized, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry

wooden door world: finally, please make a summary of the home furnishing industry in 2016, and what are the key points of the industry development in 2017

president Zhang: in 2016, home shopping malls were committed to expanding diversified business directions, the consumption concept of various furniture industries gradually returned to rationality, and there were more and more listed enterprises in the home industry, which made the whole industry show a thriving situation; With the application of new VR technology, the development of intelligent products, and the landing of Internet home decoration, the home industry is moving towards diversification, science and technology, and intelligence. In the coming 2017, with the continuous upgrading of Chinese consumption concept and the continuous improvement of purchasing power, furniture consumption has also changed from practical consumption to aesthetic consumption and performance consumption. Consumers' requirements for the quality of furniture are increasing. Materials, design and brand have become important considerations for consumers when choosing furniture. High quality international furniture brands are increasingly favored and become the primary choice of many consumers





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