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Based on the good development prospects of the smart lock industry and the continuous growth of user consumption groups, all sessions have invested and entered, and China's smart lock market has immeasurable development potential

intelligent lock is the representative of the latest generation of door locks, which is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology, and has the threshold of biometric technology

compared with mechanical locks, smart locks have the advantages of safety, intelligence, convenience and fashion, and will gradually rise to be very important durable household consumer goods

based on the good development prospects of the smart lock industry and the continuous growth of user consumption groups, all sessions have invested in China's smart lock market, which has immeasurable development potential

industry prospect analysis and prediction

the scale of the global intelligent lock industry will reach 50 + million sets in 2020, five times that of 11million in 2016

China will become the fastest growing region of smart locks in the world

China, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea are the four largest smart lock markets in the world

at present, China has become the region with the highest sales in the global market, but the penetration rate is only about 2%, while the penetration rate of South Korea is as high as 80%. South Korea alone can digest 1.7 million sets of household smart locks in a year

in 2016, the overall sales of China's intelligent lock industry exceeded 3.5 million sets, of which about 1.8 million sets were shipped in the retail market and about 1.7 million sets in the engineering market

it is estimated that by 2020, the domestic sales of smart locks will exceed 32 million sets, and the smart lock industry cluster composed of accessory suppliers, technical support providers, smart lock manufacturers, security enterprises, etc. will create a market of 100 billion

according to massive data research, 65% of consumers have potential purchase desire, and 15% have used or will become prospective customers. Only 20% of consumers have never heard of smart locks, and the education level of smart lock users is satisfactory

our customers and potential customers

attach importance to their own and family safety, quality of life, etc.

have certain economic consumption ability

prefer new things and pay more attention to fashion things

who are we

proback is a well-known smart electronic lock brand under the domakaba group, a Swiss listed multinational group

Introduction to dormakaba group

by setting up subsidiaries, sales offices and production bases locally, and cooperating with partners around the world, our business has spread to more than 130 countries and regions around the world

classic cases we participated in

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

Beijing bird's Nest National Stadium

Rio Olympic venues

Harbin Winter Games venues

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