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British printing industry invested more than 1billion pounds to update equipment

on November 29, British media revealed that the British printing industry is currently investing more than 1billion pounds to update equipment. A large part of this comes from the investment in newspaper printing, and the group accounts for the largest part

about 200million pounds is used to build two new gravure printing enterprises, and other major rotary printing enterprises have also invested heavily in transformation. Eclipse color print and the journal Printing Co. are the first to set foot in the field of rotary printing

the purpose of many enterprises' investment is to make production efficiency higher, not to expand production capacity. Of course, the installation of the new high-speed wide width rotary printing press will definitely bring about the growth of production. Some people in the British printing industry said that since you want to stay in this circle, you need to buy new and larger equipment, improve the turnover speed and reduce the preparation time. In the absence of any sign that prices may rise, if you want to make more profits, you can only improve output capacity. Others said that investment now needs to remain calm. It doesn't matter if the machine is old. As long as it is properly managed, the enterprise can also make profits

the main investments in the UK printing industry in 2004 include:

News International £ 600million

polestar £ 120million

Arvato £ 115million

Johnston press £ 60million

Guardian newspaper (Figure 2 fan casing development trends ERS) 50million pounds

the 45million British Industrial pounds of the mirror and guardian newspapers

new jarrold printing £ 40million

St Ives £ 20million

express newspapers £ 20million

the nature of precision color printing company is not only strong but also extremely fragile (precision color printing) 10million pounds

trader media group £ 10million

eclipse color print £ 8.5 million

goodhead group £ 7.5 million

wyndeham press group can install various special fixtures and accessories for £ 7.5 million

the journal Printing Co. £ 6million

s G printing company (Stephens George) 6million pounds

graphoprint £ 5million

Westdale press £ 5million

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