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Tianjin printing industry: strengthen regional cooperation and seek common development

from the perspective of Tianjin, there are currently 1613 printing enterprises, including L36 publication printing enterprises, 650 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, and 827 other printing enterprises. According to the nature of enterprises, there are 152 state-owned enterprises, 374 collective enterprises, 439 joint-stock enterprises, 592 private and individual enterprises, 5L foreign-funded enterprises and 5 other printing enterprises. There are 52000 employees in the printing industry. The total assets of the printing industry in the city are 7.946 billion yuan, and the net value of fixed assets is 3.48 billion yuan. In 2003, the sales revenue was 4.366 billion yuan and the profit was 388 million yuan. There are unreasonable problems in the overall structure of the printing industry. 2. The use and development trend of the spring tension and compression testing machine with small and medium load in Jinan assaying

in order to promote the establishment of a new mechanism for the common development of the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region, the following suggestions are put forward:

first, complementary advantages, and common development. Tianjin, as an important printing base in the Bohai Rim region, has a good economic environment, a group of mature printing enterprises and professional technical talents. Geographically, it belongs to the sea port of the region. It has unique advantages in developing overseas printing markets such as Japan and South Korea, developing export-oriented economy, and organizing processing with supplied materials. It can further cooperate with provinces and cities in the region in this regard

second, communicate with each other and eliminate barriers

in order to promote regional cooperation more smoothly and smoothly, communication at all levels should be carried out regularly. For example, government management departments should communicate with printing enterprises in terms of macro-control of the printing industry, supervision of the large plastic Market, as well as winning policy support. Printing enterprises should communicate in terms of production process standardization and process standardization, This can eliminate barriers to regional cooperation and lay a good foundation for deeper cooperation

third, work together. Cultivating backbones

we should work hard in the region to cultivate a leading force in the printing industry with a high starting point and a considerable scale, which should be reasonably distributed in appropriate regions. It is in line with international standards in terms of equipment, technology and management mode, forming the backbone of the Bohai Rim printing industry, so as to drive the improvement of the overall printing industry

fourth, strengthen management and adjust the structure

through the regular collection, analysis and release of information about the regional printing industry, guide enterprises to adjust their business ideas, determine new investment directions, form professional and complementary enterprises, and avoid adverse competition caused by blind repeated investment. It is necessary to form a new pattern of printing industry in which printing enterprises of various sizes, grades and characteristics coexist and complement each other, with clear levels, grades, characteristics and advantages complementary, so as to achieve the goal of jointly cultivating and occupying the market, including the international market

fifth, strengthen communication and resource sharing

the resources mentioned here include not only natural resources, but also human resources, scientific research resources and the sharing of advantageous enterprise resources in printing related industries

in addition, industry associations should become the main force of self-discipline in the printing industry. At the same time, the association should play a role in many aspects, such as enterprise approval and establishment, personnel training, professional ethics construction, industry development planning, etc., and standardize the competitive behavior with industry regulations. The 16 year interim report should not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also protect the interests of regular printing enterprises, with the revenue of the company's copper clad laminate products accounting for 98% of the total revenue

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