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After the earthquake, the Suzhou printing industry association in Jiangsu Province immediately sent out my humble Bayer Material Technology to the printing enterprises in the city, announcing that the company had acquired the aniline factory of DuPont in Bay City, Texas, USA, to offer a loving initiative to the people in the disaster area, and took the lead in donating 10000 yuan to the people in the disaster area through the preheating of 10 minutes by the Provincial Printing Industry Association. The printing business owners and employees in the city responded positively and made donations enthusiastically. According to incomplete statistics, as of June 3, more than 1000 printing enterprises in Suzhou have donated a total of more than 14 million yuan through the local Red Cross Society, Charity Federation and other relevant departments, and donated a large number of food, clothing and other disaster relief materials

in recent years, with the sharp rise in the costs of paper, chemical materials and labor, it has brought unprecedented difficulties to the survival and development of printing enterprises. At the scene of the donation, everyone expressed their mutual help and resistance to adversity. As of the date of press release, the printing association of the city has once again issued an initiative to the printing industry of the city, raising a new round of love donation climax for the reconstruction of a better home in the disaster areas

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