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A few days ago, the printing industry press published the "development and forecast of China's printing industry development research report year" (hereinafter referred to as the "Development Research Report") in January, 2007. It signed a contract with the British VSM company for $5000, which actually clarified the requirements of raw materials and additives, and now there is a zero breakthrough in copyright output. Xiba

this is a good thing. It is not easy to put it on the balance of national publishing houses. According to Liu Jiying, the deputy president and deputy editor in chief of the press, the copyright output of Chinese publishing houses to the UK has shown a downward trend in the past two years. There are more than 500 publishing houses across the country. In 2005, more than 70 Chinese Book copyrights were exported to the UK, and in 2006, it fell to more than 60. Being able to occupy 1/60 or 1/70 of more than 500 publishing houses is indeed a gratifying thing for the printing industry, which will gain more GDP independence from us, with only a few million relatively weak industries

however, the development research report is only $5000, which is a drop in the bucket for publishers

worry about the future, but people are not optimistic. Let's look at the experience of Mr. Liu Jiying. During the year, the society organized a trip to Frankfurt to broaden their horizons. Indeed, their horizons were bright. Compared with the huge crowds of people in the British and American publishing house, the exhibition hall of the Chinese publishing house was scattered. Haven't you learned Chinese well abroad in recent years? Even the daughter of British Prince and US President Bush began to learn Chinese. The author asked, alas, this is all a superficial phenomenon. If you take a numerical comparison, 50000 people in the United States learn Chinese, but in China alone, how many people learn English? The author suddenly remembered Crazy English, in which the index of "starting a business" ranked 27th. Mr. Li Yang, the founder, whose lifelong goal is to make 300 million Chinese speak fluent English, couldn't help but be dumbfounded. It also makes people feel that the strength of English in the world is closely related to the global hegemony of the United States. The subtext of this hegemony is to forcibly promote its values (even by means of war) and English education. Its business model sweeps the world, its business vision overlooks the world, and it has the world's first-class universities and the magical power of gathering talents

for the copyright trade of China's publishing industry, In recent years, the ratio of import to export has been hovering at the level of 10 to 1 for more than a decade, and Liu Jiying seems to have no better countermeasures. Take the books published by the printing industry press as an example. If you want to export them, it is definitely impossible to export them in the technical category. However, there are few books such as the Development Research Report. Perhaps, there is only one such book. Liu Jiying said frankly. Looking at the books in the society, more than 80% are technical books. What about management books? It's better in recent years, and several books have been published to keep up with the situation. But can the management level of domestic printing enterprises catch up with that of foreign countries? People may not be interested. Therefore, Liu Jiying started the idea of making the "Development Research Report" a sequel, and even considered publishing it as a regular book. There are many ideas, for example, for the eleventh five year plan or for a certain topic, such as CTP, printing industry procurement, etc., let Qiao Dongliang (Note: the main editor of the "Development Research Report" and the deputy dean of the oil pump of Beijing Institute of printing) make another effort

there are many ideas. Before seeing practical action, the author classifies it as a stage of talking on paper. But where is the fragrance of paper and ink that makes overseas booksellers excited by shaking hands with foreign publishers? If the printing industry could have more qiaodongliang and more people who could bear to study, perhaps Liu Jiying would not be interested in him

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