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Common terms and definitions of bearings (VI)

11 Cylindrical bore

the generatrix of the bore of a bearing or bearing part is basically straight and parallel to the axis of the bearing or bearing part

12. Tapered bore

bearing or bearing B. the non-metallic parameter setting is to set the inner bore of the automatic return part, whose bus is basically a straight line and intersects with the bearing axis line or the bearing part axis line

13. Bearing outer surface

outer surface of outer ring or race of rolling bearing

14. Ring (washer) chamfer ring (washer) chamfer

the surface of the ring (washer) whose inner hole or outer surface of the bearing is connected with one end face of the ring. " Afternoon of 25th

15 Over travel groove grinding undercut

a groove or groove opened at the flange or flange root of a bearing ring or bearing washer for ease of grinding

16. Sealing (contact) surface

the surface in sliding contact with the sealing ring

17. Seal (shield) groove

is used to maintain the groove of the bearing seal ring (dust cover)

18. Snap ring groove

is used to keep the groove of the snap ring

19. Lubrication groove

a groove used to convey lubricant on bearing parts

20. Lubrication hole

on bearing parts, it is used to deliver lubricant to the hole on the rolling element

(III) bearing ring

1 Inner ring

bearing ring with raceway on the outer surface

2. Outer ring

the bearing ring on the inner surface of the raceway

1 senior analysis 3 Cone

cone of tapered roller bearing

4. Conical outer ring cup

outer ring of tapered roller bearing

5. Double cone

tapered roller bearing inner ring with double raceways

6. The double raceway circle aims to replace the inlet cone outer ring double cup

the outer ring of tapered roller bearing with double raceways

7. Wide inner ring extended inner ring

a bearing inner ring widened at one or both ends to improve the guidance of the shaft in its inner hole or to provide supplementary positions for mounting fasteners or seals

8. Locked inner ring stepped inner ring

groove type ball bearing inner ring with one shoulder completely or partially removed

9. The outer ring of groove type ball bearing with one shoulder completely or partially removed. 10. Punch the outer ring draw cup

the ferrule with one end sealed (sealing and stamping the outer ring) or both ends open is usually pointed to the outer ring of the needle roller bearing

11. Flanged outer ring

flanged outer ring of bearing

12. Aligning outer ring

an outer ring with a spherical outer surface to adapt to the permanent angular displacement between its axis line and the axis line of the bearing seat

13. Aligning housing ring

for the ferrule between the aligning outer ring and the seat hole, there is a spherical inner surface that matches the spherical outer surface of the outer ring

14. Spherical outer surface

the outer surface of the bearing outer ring is a part of the ball surface

15. Cup front face rib in front of the conical outer ring is used to guide the roller and bear the thrust of the large end face of the roller

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