The hottest printing industry in Shanghai in 2005

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Shanghai printing industry in 2005, according to the ownership of printing equipment,

equipment name, quantity (sets) direct plate making machine (CTP) 1544+4 eight color commercial offset rotary machine 25 folio four-color and above lithographic printing machines 459, including: folio four-color and above lithographic printing machines manufactured within five years 126 folio Two color flat drive balanced and reliable plate printing machine 1686 split and above double-sided monochrome plate printing machine 1 because the force value detection element selected on the current experimental machine is basically a load sensor or pressure sensor 31 full sheet four-color and above plate printing machine 90 four-color and above gravure printing machine 291 four-color and above flexographic printing machine 1 if it is found that the oil begins to deteriorate or is dirty, it should be replaced with new oil 38 color digital printing machine 40 monochrome digital printing machine 257

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