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The situation of the printing industry is severe. How can enterprises survive?

we are facing a severe industry situation, that is, unprecedented industry integration and the shrinking scale of the printing industry. According to the U.S. Printing Industry Council, the total number of U.S. printing companies plummeted by 25% from 1998 to the end of 2011. In the past 12 years, nearly 10 have made it a top priority to regulate the actions of government departments, institutions and monopoly industries to distort fair competition; On the one hand, we should further release the signals of equal access, fair competition and fair supervision. 400 companies in China have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery and find that their own plastic extrusion machinery has collapsed. This trend continues

with the reduction of the total business volume in the printing market, printing enterprises need to do more than survive the crisis, but to find ways or strategies to increase turnover and profits. Enterprises are aware that the increasingly reduced printing business in the industry is almost regarded as a commodity, and the price has become its direct decisive factor. This has brought great pressure on enterprise profits, and enterprises urgently need feasible methods to eliminate this extremely threatening pressure

what have successful companies done

we find that successful companies have more or less adopted one or more of the following strategies:

1, acquire competitors

2, become a cheap production provider

3, provide customers with new additional services

4, adopt advanced marketing concepts and technologies to dynamically manage the marketing process, commonly known as marketing service providers

5. Use science and technology to achieve orderly and managed printing production. In this case, the company did not create new printing methods, it just made production more efficient

the first four strategies mentioned above have been confirmed. Next, let's further study the fifth strategy

realize the marketability, customization and management of printing business

now many printing enterprises are using interconnection and do not work with the tide; Finally, we should make unremitting efforts to integrate new technologies and methods such as workflow and digital printing during mergers and acquisitions, and develop new business models, that is, to realize the marketability, customization and management of printing business. Here are some very meaningful cases

printing business network marketing vs personnel marketing

well known network printing service companies such as Vistaprint are changing the marketing mode of printing business. Instead of employing a large number of marketers, they use the Internet to attract potential customers, which can greatly save labor costs. Instead, they can use it to buy the advertising business of large search engines such as Google and Yahoo and Bing to make their information appear on the first page of search results to obtain more exposure. Printing enterprises that implement the above marketing strategies will also make a lot of advertising investment on social networking stations with large traffic

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