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The printing industry should first change ideas, open up ideas, and then talk about development

if you ask, what is the most concerned focus in the printing industry at present? Many people will answer digital printing and green printing. This is undoubtedly the right answer. However, in the interview, I deeply felt that many insiders believed that although these were the two hot spots and the technology was mature, the printing enterprises were more onlookers than experimenters. The key depends on whether the enterprise is willing to accept it. Only by changing ideas and opening up ideas can we see different landscapes, get different inspiration and accept new technologies

lizhitang, Secretary of the school of publishing and communication management of Beijing Institute of printing, said that printing enterprises should first cultivate themselves, one of which is self transcendence and changing their ideas, when talking about dealing with environmental changes. The change of concept not only includes the acceptance of new things, but also includes the due market awareness of enterprise managers. Pay attention not only to macro management, but also to micro changes, and always think about where the profit point of the enterprise is? Where is the new growth point of enterprise operation? Only by accurately analyzing and predicting the trend of the market, can enterprise managers plan their own development path, and then make corresponding adjustments, can they have a definite goal. This kind of renewal of enterprise management concept is essential for the complex market competition environment in the current period. With such a sense of market, we have laid a good foundation for the transformation of ideas and have the prerequisites for the transformation of ideas

we often hear equipment manufacturers complain that the acceptance of their own equipment in the market is not ideal. They say that the current technology and equipment can reach the same level as those in the world's advanced printing technology countries. Next, it depends on the acceptance of enterprises in China's market. They think this is a long We are guided by "Quality first requires the process of cultivation, which requires enterprises to actively change their old ideas. Indeed, they are also tirelessly cultivating the market. But they ignore that the transformation of ideas, like the acceptance of equipment, also requires a premise, and this premise is not only to constantly tell enterprises how good this technology is, but also to cultivate the market olfactory sensitivity of enterprise managers.

only Only when such a sensitive sense of smell is established in the minds of enterprise managers, and the correct way of thinking and value orientation are guided, can enterprises be guided to accept new information, new processes, and new standards, and can more useful information be captured, so as to be natural

copper clad laminates are greatly affected by the price of copper foil. With the above good prerequisites, a communication bridge has been built between enterprises and innovation. Next, we can talk about a good atmosphere for changing ideas. The government, industry associations and manufacturers have made great efforts to this end

take the application for green printing qualification certification as an example. Many printing enterprises have admitted that at the beginning, enterprises did not particularly accept green printing, because it virtually caused a great cost burden to enterprises. In fact, the government, industry associations, green printing material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers are constantly preaching to enterprises to slowly make them understand the benefits of green printing. On the one hand, although the cost is invested, green printing also saves energy and reduces emissions for enterprises, which also helps enterprises make up for the cost investment; On the other hand, green printing has helped enterprises expand their business scope, enhance market competitiveness, increase living sources, and create more benefits. Through the continuous publicity of enterprises by the government and other institutions, as well as the demonstration effect played by the leading typical enterprises, today, more than two years after the implementation of green printing, the enthusiasm of the industry for the application of green printing has increased, and the recognition and concept change of enterprises for green printing have gradually matured. Material brand: pet-fr2300

naturally, green printing is only the change of enterprise concept. In the final analysis, the reason for this kind of scene lies in the tip of the iceberg in the friction coefficient function of plastic flexible packaging materials. The digital printing technology, which was also regarded as a bright future in the past, has now become the real thing that most enterprises used to see others do instead of themselves with the strong guidance of the market and the government, It's not just a wait-and-see

now in the printing industry, most enterprises in the bottleneck stage of development will continue to borrow money to buy equipment and blindly expand the scale, and then rush to find orders, desperately saturate the machine operation, and continue to borrow money to buy equipment and expand the scale after making money, and then work hard for financing institutions and equipment manufacturers. There is no doubt that large-scale enterprises are also a way to enhance their internal strength, but we must not be blind. It's better to slow down and stop at the fork in the road, carefully examine whether your development ideas are correct, and whether it conforms to the current and future development and changes of domestic and foreign industries. It's not too late to make a decision when your ideas are open and your ideas have changed

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