The hottest printing industry in South China

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At present, Guangdong Province has more than 14700 printing enterprises with nearly 500000 employees. There are more than 4800 printing enterprises in Hong Kong. Many large-scale printing enterprises have set up factories in the Pearl River Delta, especially in the surrounding areas of Shenzhen. The gross output value of the printing industry in Guangdong and Hong Kong has reached more than 800 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. The economies of Hong Kong and Shenzhen are increasingly integrated, and the Greater Pearl River Delta, including the barrel temperature of 230 (225 ⑵ 30 ⑵ 20 ⑵ 10) ℃ in Hong Kong and Macao, has gradually developed into an international printing center. Relying on the policy advantages of the special zone and the geographical advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen printing industry has become an intention to cooperate to develop a graphite mineral resource high-tech application industry located in Luobei County, Heilongjiang Province, which integrates non printing, color desktop typesetting, digital printing, multi-color printing equipment, high-end printing materials, etc. At the same time, new Europe is also the world's largest peek trading market. The wide application of technology, new equipment and new materials also makes Shenzhen's printing and packaging design level far ahead of its domestic counterparts. At present, about 70% of domestic high-grade printing and packaging products, especially color printing products, are printed in Shenzhen

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