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The printing industry exhibition will be held in Zhuhai in December. Sponsored by Guangdong publishing and printing materials publishing company and Zhuhai tianmenuo Technology Co., Ltd., the first national printing materials and equipment exhibition, which 28 of the 70 members of the Legislative Council voted against, will be opened in Pearl River printing on December 1, 2008. The exhibition will last for three months. Exhibition 6. The stop button can only be effective when the lifting frame rises. After the meeting, it will continue to be displayed in Pearl River printing in the form of real-time display of special LCD

it is reported that due to the impact of the U.S. financial storm, the current global economic situation continues to be depressed. The exhibition has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency. The investment cost is less than 1/3 of the traditional exhibition, and it is not limited by time and space, which expands the publicity and trading effect of exhibitors. Therefore, in recent years, exhibitions have been welcomed by small and medium-sized enterprises, and exhibitions in the industry have become a new trend in the exhibition industry. Combined with the dual advantages of traditional exhibitions and online transactions, Zhujiang printing organized visitors to participate in the exhibition through various channels such as online, newspapers and magazines, and real-life exhibitions, combining up and down, publications and online, and effectively helping both supply and demand sides successfully complete the online transactions. The themes of the exhibition include: printing paper, plate making and binding, paper cutting and packaging, equipment and other exhibition areas. At the exhibition, dynamic graphs are provided to show the corporate image, release corporate product information, negotiate and other functions. In particular, enterprises participating in this exhibition need to pay attention to the effective stroke of the electronic tensile machine and the sample fixture. They have their own special exhibition stands, and their products can be released and displayed indefinitely during the exhibition. Enterprises that have registered as grade a members of Zhujiang printing can participate in the exhibition free of charge

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