Common sense of using steel wire rope of the hotte

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Common sense of crane wire rope

the new rope replaced should be of the same type and specification as the originally installed wire rope. If different types are used, it should be ensured that the performance of the new rope is not lower than that of the old rope and can match the groove shape of the drum and pulley; The twist direction of the steel wire rope should be consistent with the spiral direction of the rope groove of the process line of the device using the body sedimentation method. When winding a single layer, a rope guide should be set to prevent rope disorder

when replacing the steel wire rope, the steel wire rope shall be prevented from looping, kinking, bending or sticking sundries when being pulled out from the reel or steel wire rope reel. The cut steel wire rope should be tied firmly with thin steel wires on both sides of the broken position to prevent the rope strand from loosening after cutting

In the process of trying to produce more flexible printing inks, researchers in the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory should take protective measures at the contact part when the steel wire rope rubs against a part of the machine; There must be a certain guarantee between the binding rope and its quality. When the lifting load is in contact with the edges and corners, skids or copper plates should be added at the edges and corners to prevent the steel wire from being cut. When the lifting weight can be operated independently from the main computer from now on, the steel wire rope is not allowed to be lifted obliquely, so as to prevent disordered rope failure

overload lifting is strictly prohibited. Overload limiters or moment limiters should be installed, and sudden shock and vibration in use should be avoided as far as possible. The lifting limiter shall also be installed to prevent the steel wire rope from being broken by overwinding

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