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Printing industry still has development potential

China's printing industry has achieved great development in recent years. Offset printing technology is widely used in newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals, and the world's advanced digital printing and computer plate making technology are also widely used. However, from the current situation that the competitiveness of China's market will also be further improved, and the average consumption per person is only 6 books, 2 magazines, and more than 20 newspapers, the printing and publishing industry still has considerable development potential. According to the materials provided by the national competent department, the basic situation of China's printing market is that there are about 100000 enterprises with various economic printing and printing equipment, including 65000 enterprises owned by the whole people, with a total number of employees of about 3million. Last year, the industrial output value was nearly 60billion yuan. In the past ten years, our c. double report: the number of officially published books in the fully open user report country has increased from more than 31000 to more than 103000, ranking first in the world; The number of periodicals increased from 3100 to 8135; Newspapers increased from more than 600 to 2200. Printing technology has developed from the backward process of semi manual and semi mechanized operations of lead discharge, lead printing, photographic plate making and post press processing to laser photo discharge, large oil output of oil return pipe, electronic color separation and offset printing. Post press processing has also initially achieved mechanization. In terms of book printing, the annual typesetting volume reaches more than 30 billion words, of which 50% is laser Phototypesetting and 60% is offset printing; Newspaper printing has basically realized Laser Phototypesetting and offset printing recently; In terms of packaging printing, it has developed fastest in recent years, increasing at an average annual rate of 15%, of which offset printing accounts for 45%, embossment printing accounts for 30%, and other gravure printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing, etc. account for 25%; In terms of printing machinery and printing equipment, there are about 250 enterprises with a total industrial output of 2.5 billion yuan. (Liren)

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