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Build a model of cooperation between central enterprises and promote high-performance glass projects on May 12, Yao Yan, general manager of China Building Materials Group, and his delegation visited Quzhou. In the afternoon, sun Jianguo, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Shang Qing, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, Zhuge Huiyan, deputy mayor, and Yao Yan had in-depth talks on accelerating the promotion of high-performance quartz glass and other cooperation projects and further deepening strategic cooperation

on March 12 this year, sun Jianguo led a team to China National Academy of building materials for docking and negotiation, and signed a letter of intent with the academy to establish a high-performance quartz glass industrialization base in Quzhou. At present, the project has been settled in the city's high-tech park, and the preliminary work is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Yao Yan and his party paid a field visit to the site selection of the project, conducted docking on relevant work, and inspected the new environmental protection integrated housing demonstration project of Quzhou No.1 Middle School implemented by China Construction Group and completed for use

SUN Jianguo, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, welcomed Yao Yan and his delegation. He said that since Quzhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Construction Group to equip cardboard compression tester and carton compression machine with conditions, the cooperation has achieved remarkable results with the joint efforts of both sides: Quzhou cement industry has successfully achieved strategic restructuring, the demonstration project of new environmental protection integrated housing has been completed, and high-tech projects such as high-performance quartz glass have been accelerated. In recent years, guided by the high-end industry, Quzhou has vigorously developed industries such as new materials, new energy and new light sources, and issued a series of preferential policies. The industrial supporting facilities are relatively complete, and the conditions for pollution control, material supply and skilled workers are relatively complete. The high-performance quartz glass project established by CSCEC in Quzhou is not only a research and development center, but also an industrialization base. It represents the cutting-edge technology level in this field in China, and has good development space and market prospects. It will play a positive role in promoting the cultivation and development of emerging strategic industries in Quzhou, especially the new material industry. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to this, make every effort to provide the whole process service of early stage, construction and production, strive to complete the project construction with the fastest speed, the lowest cost and the best quality, and reserve space for future development, so as to make it a model of cooperation between CSCEC group and local governments, and a model of local governments serving central enterprises. Sun Jianguo hopes that China Construction Group and China National Building Materials Research Institute will take Quzhou as an important base for high-tech transformation, further strengthen the docking with counties (urban areas), development zones and key enterprises, and promote the strategic cooperation between the two sides to a deeper level, a broader field and a higher level

Shang Qing said that Quzhou has deep feelings, wide fields and outstanding achievements in cooperation with China Construction Group. The high-performance quartz glass project is an important supplement to Quzhou's new material industry, and has a promising development prospect. The local government will go all out to provide good services so that the project can be completed, put into operation and benefit early. It is also hoped that China Construction Group will take this as a new starting point to further expand the field of cooperation with Quzhou, conduct in-depth research and give full consideration to the only 40000 tons of proved exploitable capacity of downstream industrial projects; At present, 70% of cobalt is used for battery production, which will continue to be distributed in Quzhou, and more high-tech enterprises with large production range and high market share will be industrialized in Quzhou

Yao Yan expressed satisfaction with the investment and development environment in Quzhou. She said that China Construction Group fully supports the construction of high-performance quartz glass industrialization base. At present, the key is to speed up the project. After the completion of the project, we should continue to do a good job in market promotion and new product research and development. With the expansion of the market, we should gradually expand the scale and develop downstream industries. Yao Yan said that at present, many military technologies of CSCEC group and China National Building Materials Research Institute are developing in the direction of military and civilian use. The strategic cooperation with Quzhou can be gradually expanded and cooperation in other high-tech projects can be further sought

fan Gencai, Secretary General of the municipal government, and relevant heads of the municipal Party committee office, the municipal government office, the Municipal Economic Commission, the Management Committee of the high tech park, the quartz glass Institute of the China National Building Materials Research Institute and the China National Building Materials South cement group attended the talks

glass knowledge: quartz glass has excellent characteristics of high purity, high temperature resistance, high insulation, radiation resistance and high spectral transmittance. It is an essential new material in the fields of electronics, information, electric light source, aerospace and nuclear technology, and plays an important role in the national economy and national defense modernization. The production technology of quartz glass, especially the production technology of integrated circuit (IC), optical fiber and high-performance synthetic quartz glass for aerospace and nuclear technology, is a high-tech in the world and has a great market prospect

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