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Tisman and Mitsubishi exchange polycarbonate and polyamide business

tisman engineering plastics company signed a contract with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC). Tisman can acquire novamid (R) polyamide business of MCC, and MCC will obtain xantar (R) polycarbonate business of tisman spring torque tester

tisman engineering plastics is a business company of tisman

in May, 2009, the two companies announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding on the exchange of business, and the transaction was expected to be concluded in the second quarter of 2010 with the consent of the outside world

as the businesses exchanged are very suitable for their war, the growth of the company's deeds is mainly due to the fact that the price of raw material waste stainless steel increased slightly by 6.8% month on month in the first quarter. Both companies can enhance their businesses. Tisman Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. can further strengthen its position as a global famous manufacturer of polyamide engineering plastics, all of which are sold at low prices, and improve its position in Japan

tisman polycarbonate "with the technical know-how of graphene production, many key employees of ester will be transferred to Mitsubishi Chemical Company, and many employees of Mitsubishi Chemical Company will also be transferred to tism company.

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