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People make full use of the advantages of the all media platform to innovate the content production mode: optimize the combination, catalyze the qualitative change of fusion and make a new leap; Supply side reform to build a new mechanism for content production; Multi dimensional efforts to create a new matrix of all media communication

as the "people" on the, in the report of the two sessions this year, the people "all" and "new" start, make full use of the advantages of the all media platform, innovate the content production mode, the "financial media studio" with flexible forms and fast-paced personnel has moved from incubation to maturity, and the "blowout" of financial media products. p>

optimize the combination, and make a new leap in catalytic integration and qualitative change

enter the "two sessions moment", the people break the original channel system, recombine and uniformly allocate, optimize the process and rebuild the platform, fully release the productivity, and make a new leap in catalytic integration and development from "quantitative change" to "qualitative change"

the large-scale multilingual and integrated media two sessions theme of "chasing dreams and striving" is set with a 5-second open screen animation, and C4d modeling and rendering are adopted. From the perspective of the dome of the general assembly hall, it crosses into the theme, which has great spatial depth and impact. The special report integrates text, pictures and videos, and becomes a "showcase" and "distribution center" of high-quality media products

visual and auditory feast

visual reporting has distinctive features and outstanding advantages. During the two sessions, the people launched a series of illustrations to make the key contents clearer and important information more intuitive

in addition to visual presentation, people's audio programs are broadcast on multiple platforms such as Himalaya, and also attract many listeners. The oral micro comment short video program "listen to me" Jiang "at the two sessions" breaks the "times" of comments, innovates the expression form of "comments", goes straight to the key point, goes straight to the theme and gets dry goods, with a lively rhythm, fresh language and novel form; The first popular theory talk show, "Hu Min said the two sessions", specially invited Hu min, a researcher of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration), to act as a commentator. With relaxed language, vivid comments and rational analysis, he combed the most familiar developments of the two sessions for friends on that day and made the most timely policy interpretation

temperature and depth reflect each other

creative H5 "foresee the future of you", micro video "fight! 90 seconds tell you, what are you looking forward to this year, Warm the hearts of the people with "immersive" interaction, and stimulate the emotional resonance of the audience with panoramic touch; The series reports of the "two sessions fever 1 ℃" focus on the topics that people are most concerned about, capture the hot spots of the two sessions, and interpret the world behind them, both temperature and depth. Among them, the interactive planning of "foresee the future you" makes the overall picture refreshing with the healing animation effect and the small and fresh hand-painted style, which greatly enhances the product's sense of temperature, technology and dynamics. It is easier to spread among young people, and it is also easier to stimulate the emotional resonance and sharing power of the audience

supply side reform, building a new mechanism for content production

media integration is developing in depth, which inevitably requires the supply side structural reform of content production. Through personnel integration and technology exchange, we can break boundaries, improve internal skills, reshape the path, achieve in-depth and internal integration, and jointly build a new mechanism for content production

break the "fusion boundary" and explore new possibilities

take it out, AR watch the two sessions. The AR scan of people's video spreads the mainstream value in a more vivid way, and also explores the possible path for newspapers to leap to holographic media

full linkage and full cooperation. At the stage of topic selection, the people and the people's team actively communicated, jointly planned the report form of ar+ data visualization, and coordinated the sorting of materials and the expression of data information, ensuring the height and quality of the report content

rich presentation and dynamic integration. Readers can scan the pictures of important news reported by the NPC and CPPCC, and then they can see the dynamic changes of the performance of representatives over the years, which is like a new window for more information in newspapers

multi propagation and deep integration. In addition to paper newspapers and periodicals, it fully covers terminals and channels such as people's electronic edition and electronic newspaper reading column, realizes the deep integration of media communication, and invites representatives and members of the two sessions to participate in experience and interaction, so that people are "moving" at all terminals

at the same time, establish a docking mechanism with the newspaper's financial media studio, say the two sessions through time and space, and solve it "Return at night of the two sessions" and other columns came into being. Mala finance studio cooperated with the people's power forum to launch the "special edition of the two sessions of Mala finance" to open up "newspapers, terminals, wechat and screens" and provide wonderful "Mala package" for friends and readers

practice "integrating internal skills", make good use of "black technology"

scientific and technological innovation short video "holographic 3D strong shadow watching the two sessions", directly hit the dry goods in the government work report through holographic 3D strong shadow, bring friends to intuitively feel the length and thickness of the "people's livelihood red envelope", and the "immersive" experience reaches the hearts of the people; The special report "walking through the" representative channel "and adding 1 Quantitative EMI (2) 00 can enhance the year of plasticization and duty performance of materials", fully demonstrates the open, transparent, democratic and harmonious conference atmosphere, and makes the reports of the two sessions thicker, warmer and more grounded; The video short comment program "Zihao" channel "observation" talked about the hot spots and highlights of the ministerial channel, the representative channel and the Committee channel at the first time for friends at the scene of the rise of the testing machine in the green environmental protection industry. Friends commented: "wide angle, multi-element, very vivid!"

reshape the "integration path", 1+1> 2

continue to expand the "circle of friends", practice the concept of media integration, create a new "two sessions in progress" with operational thinking, and focus on "local moments" according to the conference agenda

implement the "1+1" operation mode. Each phase is planned synchronously by a local cooperative unit and people's video, and broadcast live on 21 terminals on the people's platform and the national party media information public platform, highlighting the "1+1 2" effect, with a total number of visits of 450million

cross border integration and effective connection. Liu Lanfang, a famous storytelling performance artist, is invited to talk about the new things at the two sessions for friends for 3 minutes every day, so that friends and listeners can listen to storytelling with original taste. There are many choices to "follow" the two sessions, which has been recognized by both the industry and friends

multi dimensional efforts to create a new matrix of all media communication

integrated reports of the two sessions of the people, so that public sentiment and public opinion "live", up and down "zero distance", internal and external "connect", domestic and overseas "no time difference", expand the geographical coverage, population coverage, content coverage, and integrate strength, quality, and flow

people's sentiment and public opinion "live"

innovatively launched "120 seconds to understand the 2019 two sessions survey", which makes the survey data "live" through animated short video panoramic display. For the first time, it launched the "two sessions survey" in Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Kazakh and Korean, and became the only media to launch the two sessions survey among ethnic minority language stations; The "two sessions are coming, I entrust the Secretary and the governor to take a message" activity has been held for 9 consecutive years, with more than 6million participants. Leading cadres of 24 provinces have made one-to-one replies to the opinions and suggestions of friends; More than 10 provincial Party Secretaries and governors responded to the suggestions of the NPC and CPPCC in the form of reply letters, and issued a letter to the friends of the people one after another. Sunzhigang, Secretary of the Guizhou provincial Party committee, also sent a special voice reply

the communication channels are "wide"

the interaction between "big screen" and "small screen" is enhanced. The wonderful views of guest interviews in many high-end and characteristic interview columns, such as talking about guests, talking to local leaders, and v-observation of the two sessions, are made into posters through refined short videos and disseminated on the mobile end; According to the communication characteristics of the mobile platform, we produced the integrated media product "people's kitchen, the serving output is higher than that of polar 1". Through the combination of the host and lively animation, the series of original products can bring you the freshest news of the two sessions, which is both useful and interesting; People's mobile center and Tencent micro vision cooperated around the hot topics of the two sessions this year, innovated the reporting form of the two sessions, launched the AB drama of the two sessions, and guided friends to participate in the topics of the two sessions through interactive videos, so as to improve friends' attention to the topics of the two sessions and realize good interaction with friends

the voice of China "lights up"

the people's overseas social media account platform launched the "PD dialogue" program, inviting well-known Chinese experts in international issues and economic fields to face with overseas social media users, interpret the stories of the two sessions with authority with words that foreign audiences can understand, understand and accept, and actively respond to overseas concerns; The Chinese and English interview program "Fei ran watches the two sessions" introduces the important role of the two sessions in China's political life and national governance through the observation and narration of the people's foreign expert Shi feiran, and discusses the reasons why the world pays attention to the two sessions; The short video program of the people's English version of the "English broadcast of the two sessions" has a broadcast volume of 100000 per episode on the "see China" Facebook account

9 foreign languages and 5 folk languages, and the people spread the good voice of the two sessions in multiple languages. The theme of "all media for the two sessions" carried out a live video broadcast of important events, and a total of more than 2500 relevant manuscripts were released, including more than 900 original manuscripts and more than 280 landing in foreign media

integrate kinetic energy, production energy, efficiency, and empower everyone involved in the report of the two sessions. Before the "examination paper" of deep integration and development, everyone is a "Chef". After the experience of the two sessions, the pace of people's integration is more firm

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