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Break the monopoly and become a pioneer of domestic composite materials. Post-90s Chinese science and technology graduate students research and develop high-performance aviation materials

break the foreign monopoly, become a pioneer and leading enterprise of domestic high-performance carbon fiber thermoplastic composites, and provide strong technical support for the development of national defense industry - this is the aspiration of nine post-90s Chinese science and technology graduate students in East China University of technology for innovation and entrepreneurship

it is light and strong, both high temperature and corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance and high plasticity. Materials with these characteristics can be used in aircraft manufacturing to replace some metal materials, reduce fuselage weight, reduce fuel use and reduce carbon emissions. It can be said that materials are the core of future aircraft. Shanghai Huahang carbon fiber composite Co., Ltd., composed of Hua Li students such as Shan Hao, Hong Cheng and Jia Kaihui, focused on this and developed continuous carbon fiber reinforced POLYETHERETHERKETONE COMPOSITES (cf/peek composites). The construction content includes nylon engineering plastic project, nylon fiber project and POM project. The strength of the composite materials is 5 times higher than that of metal, the weight is 60% lighter than that of metal, and the performance is more than 10% higher than that of similar products. It not only has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, but also has the characteristics of self lubrication, wear resistance, X-ray transmission, radiation resistance, etc. in addition to being widely used in the aerospace field, it can also be used in weapons and equipment, energy industry He has made great achievements in transportation, medical devices and other fields

now, the team of China Airlines has three invention patents, and the related products were approved when they were tried out by potential suppliers of domestic large aircraft in September this year; At the same time, the team won the Shanghai gold medal and the national silver medal in the fourth "Internet" innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China, and the Shanghai gold medal and the national silver medal in the 2018 "create youth" national college student entrepreneurship competition

the investigation of the composite materials team of China Airlines shows that limited by the high technical barriers, only a few enterprises in the world can produce cf/peek composites. Nowadays, the industries related to high-performance fibers and their composites are developing rapidly all over the world, and the market demand for lightweight, recyclable and environment-friendly materials is also growing. If relevant materials are applied on a large scale in the manufacturing industry, the lightweight technology level of the manufacturing industry can be greatly improved. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, China has attached great importance to the research, development and application of high-performance fiber composites, and formulated the corresponding strategic plan

&e dandelion natural rubber MSP; "Maybe we still have some shortcomings, and there is still room to improve our products, but I am optimistic about the development prospect of cf/peek composites." Shan Hao, the soul of the composite material team of China Airlines and the third graduate student of Huali Institute of chemical technology, said

the subject is difficult, the literature is scarce, and the experimental conditions are difficult... Under the high-temperature processing conditions of 400C, everyone continues to fight against the heat, and after repeated defeats, carefully analyze and think carefully. After that, their external wall cost will increase by 180 ~ 200 yuan/square meter, and they decided to break the tradition and boldly try new methods. Through unremitting efforts and repeated attempts, the team members finally overcame the problem of high processing temperature and high melt viscosity of PEEK resin, which made it difficult to fully impregnate fibers, improved the production process and production equipment, greatly improved the performance of cf/peek composites, and applied for invention patents

"our technology and products should be tested in the market!" Shan Hao and his team members took another step and looked at the vast world outside the laboratory. They began to conduct extensive research and collect information from all parties. The team has successively absorbed many excellent graduate students, expanding from the technical team to the entrepreneurial team. "Our entrepreneurial projects can inject some confidence into the domestic market, which gives me an unspeakable sense of achievement." Shan Hao said that regardless of the future, he would continue to serve in relevant fields in the future

it has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life, low noise and no protection

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