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Breaking the situation of relying on imports, gear enterprises pay more attention to technology

recently, the "2017 Seminar on technical support and industrial and financial cooperation for the market demand of China's gear industry" was held in Hanzhong, Shaanxi. The participants discussed how to develop the traditional gear industry around the theme of "strengthening the foundation and collaborative innovation"

weak foundation restricts development

Lu Chao, the rotating executive chairman of the gear transmission industry branch of the China Europe Association and the chairman of Tianjin Tianhai synchronous Group Co., Ltd., believes that the reason why German industry is strong is that it always adheres to the manufacturing industry as the foundation of the country, always adheres to the industrial structure with the manufacturing industry as the main body, and always adheres to the priority of finance to serve the manufacturing industry and its innovation activities. Through the exchange with Germany, we have more realized that additive manufacturing technology solves large and complex parts. "The magic weapon for the strength of German industry also stems from the solid basic research of research universities and their close integration with enterprises in product application research; from the unique product and industrialization incubation role played by the enterprises in which the scientific research institutes are located in the process of brand-new product development with their strong engineering technical capabilities; from the practical cooperation of value recognition, complementary advantages, and efficient coordination of the relevant parties in the industrial chain."

this is Lu Chao's experience of many visits to German enterprises and in-depth exchanges in the past two years. He said: "made in China 2025 takes strengthening the basic industrial capabilities, that is, strengthening the" four basic "capabilities such as core basic parts (components), advanced basic processes, key basic materials and industrial technology, as the strategic task of China to achieve a manufacturing power; The weak basic industrial capacity has seriously restricted the innovative development of China's manufacturing industry and the improvement of product quality. "

according to the in-depth investigation and development trend analysis report of China's gear industry in, as the largest sub industry in the general parts industry, the import volume of China's gear industry in 2015 was as high as $12.974 billion, compared with the export volume of $5.718 billion. Although it decreased year-on-year, it accounted for 75.2% of the whole parts industry

this is inseparable from the current situation of the gear industry, which is characterized by "fierce competition in the middle and low-end market, too low product prices, serious decline in business revenue and profits, many loss making enterprises, most of the high-end market being occupied by foreign products, low product sales and poor stability". For example, the trouble free life of helicopter gears and spiral bevel gears of heavy trucks in China is less than one tenth and one fifth of the international advanced level respectively

another example is robot, which can be regarded as the most typical mechatronics equipment, with high technical added value and an extremely wide range of applications. The transmission performance of RV Reducer, the core component, directly affects the motion accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the robot

"compared with general reducers, RV reducers have more stringent requirements for motion accuracy indicators," Deng Xiaozhong, Deputy Secretary General of the gear branch, revealed in his speech on "precision manufacturing technology and equipment for cycloidal gears of robot RV reducers". Foreign RV reducers can maintain motion accuracy for 50000-100000 hours, while domestic ones only have about 8000 hours, with low motion accuracy and poor accuracy retention, "This has become a bottleneck restricting the localization and competitiveness improvement of robot RV Reducer."

automobile transmission gears are often compared. The service life of Japanese products is 1.2 million kilometers, while the index of China is 800000 kilometers. Moreover, the noise of domestic transmission is at least 3-5 decibels higher than that of foreign similar products. There are also 300-350 km/h high-speed rail gears. The service life of foreign countries is 7million kilometers, and China is still completely dependent on imports

it needs long-term accumulation to be cut off for 20 years.

Liu Peiwen, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association for European Economic and technological cooperation, said at the meeting: "domestic enterprises should adopt more strategies to open up the second growth curve to boost high technology. 1. The development direction of material testing machines is from sample preparation and detection to products (i.e. finished products and semi-finished products) The development of detection technology and strategic industries. The development of high-tech industries and strategic industries often requires long-term experience accumulation. The whole industry and related enterprises need to be patient, patient, and persistent to maintain their focus on development and patient development. "

Liu Peiwen said that the development of high-tech and strategic emerging industries shows the following characteristics: first, there are many bright spots in technological innovation, and the improvement of quality and efficiency has been steadily promoted, but the overall innovation ability still needs to be further improved; Second, the differentiation in the industry and field is becoming increasingly prominent, and the differentiation will exist for a long time; Third, there are new ways to support the development of financial industries, but the problems of difficult and expensive financing remain; Fourth, the corresponding international mergers and acquisitions have improved the image of domestic enterprises, and foreign investment has enhanced the development capacity of domestic enterprises

under the leadership of Academician Wang Huaming, the National Engineering Laboratory for additive manufacturing of metal components won the first prize of the "National Technological Invention Award" and other awards in the application of additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology and high-performance additive manufacturing technology for large-scale metal components. Dr. tanghaibo, who spoke on behalf of Academician Wang, said that from the perspective of the gear and bearing industry, through the 3D printing technology of additive manufacturing, the gear material performance can have high bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength, the tooth surface has sufficient hardness and wear resistance, and the core of the part has good strength and toughness. In terms of gear manufacturing technology, 3D printing of additive materials can achieve high precision, high quality, high efficiency and green environmental protection. At the same time, the metallurgical defects and performance of bad materials of large gear castings/forgings can be correspondingly restricted, making the tooth surface more load-bearing capacity and higher reliability. From the perspective of development trend, additive manufacturing solves the problems of large-scale, high-quality and high-performance in traditional metallurgy, and can make multi-material/gradient high-performance, alternate manufacturing and remanufacturing, and integrate structure and function

it simplifies the use of the floor. Zhang Zhigang, from the Key Laboratory of advanced manufacturing technology for auto parts of the Ministry of education, School of vehicle engineering, Chongqing University of technology, introduced at the meeting: "The main applicable test scope of the gear box durability test technology and equipment we led and developed includes: fatigue life test, transmission efficiency test, high-speed test, temperature rise test, reverse drag test, torque converter test, type test, static torsion test, cycle condition test, basic performance test, practical performance test, user-defined test, etc. at present, this test equipment is not only applied to the test of transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles In the field of test technology, and has broken through the 3.5 MW wind power gearbox test technology and EMU gearbox test technology. "

the problems of noise, vibration and acoustic vibration roughness (NVH) have always been the technical difficulties and bottlenecks that restrict the transformation of China's independent brand gear boxes to high-end brands. The gear box NVH test and analysis technology and equipment independently developed and manufactured by Chongqing University of technology, focusing on the transmission and drive axle, carried out the research on the typical NVH problems of gear boxes such as howling, knocking and abnormal noise, mastered the transmission and drive axle NVH test methods, evaluation methods, sound source identification technology, sound source control and optimization methods and NVH test equipment development technology, and formed the transmission and drive axle NVH database. It is reported that this set of test equipment has successfully solved the NVH problem of various transmissions and drive axles in cooperation with a number of domestic host enterprises with independent brands, such as Chongqing Qingshan, JAC, Sichuan Hyundai, etc

in recent years, with the rise of domestic R & D forces, many independent brand OEMs have completely changed their previous thinking of only looking at imported equipment, and domestic test and test equipment has been greatly popularized. For example, the Hanjiang tool factory visited by the delegates is a typical example. Their products are increasingly replacing imported products. However, during the visit, it was learned that the steel of some core parts of the enterprise still needs to be imported. However, with the breakthrough of basic materials in our large steel country and the reduction of enterprise costs, the competitiveness of the international market will be greatly improved. At present, Qinchuan has formed three major sectors: key parts, machine tools (four industrial chains) and modern manufacturing services. In response to the new situation of the industry, the company has formed an industrial chain of "three airlines/two machines" processing equipment. Driven by the electric car industry, when the new energy steam handwheel switch is turned off when the machine is calibrated or combined, and when the loading speed conditioning knob is turned on, the car should be stopped slowly, The sales volume of high-efficiency gear grinding machines of the company increased significantly. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, Qinchuan took gear processing production lines, digital workshops for gear box assembly, and services of digital chemical plants as the objects, initially built three systems of intelligent products, intelligent equipment, and intelligent manufacturing, and participated in a total of 45 national intelligent projects and 04 projects

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