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Add "chips" to fill the Chinese market -- Interview with chenfengting, nonwoven market manager of ExxonMobil Chemical Asia Pacific.

according to the information published by the manufacturer, a large number of advanced nonwoven capacity expansion projects will be put into production in the next 1-3 years. More than half of these capacity expansion projects are in China, which reflects the market's response to China's medical and steel market and also proves the expectation of high growth in Nonwovens demand in the medical and health sector

ExxonMobil is a leading petroleum and chemical company in the world. In order to better support the growing needs of Chinese customers, its $90million ExxonMobil Chemical Shanghai R & D Center (STC), covering an area of 27000 square meters, was officially put into operation this year. What convenience will ExxonMobil bring to serve Chinese customers and explore the Chinese market with the establishment of Shanghai R & D center? This newspaper exclusively interviewed chenfengting, the nonwoven market manager of ExxonMobil Chemical Asia Pacific region

solutions close to customers

: what are the considerations for ExxonMobil to set up a research and development center in Shanghai

chenfengting: ExxonMobil's affiliated companies have been involved in the Chinese market for nearly 120 years. Our polyolefin business has been in the Chinese market for more than 25 years, and our development in China is quite stable. Data show that half of the global petrochemical demand growth in the next 10 years will come from China, and about 2/3 will come from Asia

the Shanghai R & D center is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for our business development in China and the Asia Pacific region. Our polymer production capacity in the Asia Pacific region will be more than doubled. The new technology we use enables the company to supply more solutions to this market with the fastest growing demand for petrochemical products in the world, with an accuracy of 1%. In line with the growth of production capacity, the Shanghai R & D center enables us to cooperate more closely with Asian customers (most of whom are from China), so as to further guide and develop our product market and provide new solutions

because the technical personnel of Shanghai R & D center can cooperate with customers locally to maximize the value of products in customers' commercial applications, these product solutions will be integrated into our global technology network to enhance our global product supply. When Chinese and Asia Pacific customers enter the Shanghai R & D center, they enter our global integration network, through which the best technology can be deployed between regions. Shanghai R & D center will add weight to our continued success

: please introduce the application of vitamine in the medical and health field

chenfengting: among the quality indicators of medical and health products, softness is an important indicator. Weidamei can not only meet the higher requirements of consumers for the softness and comfort of polypropylene (PP) nonwovens, but also meet the requirements of manufacturers for reducing production costs

by blending with PP, weidamei can expand the selection range of fabric softness. It has outstanding advantages in the application of surface layer, backing layer or leg circumference of adult and infant diapers, which also makes it possible to replace the application of spunlaced nonwovens in traditional SMS and SMMs fabrics. Compared with short fiber hot-air nonwovens and two-component fabrics (PP inner core, PE outer layer), nonwovens containing weidamei formula (7) can also be simplified as: Nonwovens can not only provide the best combination of application properties and physical properties, but also reduce costs

VDM's soft solution can be realized on existing technology and equipment (such as spunbonded melt blown), without additional investment to transform the existing product line. Compared with short fiber hot air nonwovens, weidamei propylene elastomer is not only soft but also has better tensile properties, which creates opportunities for thinning the surface layer and saves the unit product cost. Weidamei also shows high cost performance in medical applications. Compared with traditional smmms fabrics, it has better softness, and the cost is only slightly increased. Compared with spunlaced nonwovens, it has obvious cost competitiveness, and the latter requires higher fluorescent chemical treatment costs due to its strong light absorption

downstream customers of ExxonMobil Chemical use nonwovens containing weidamei propylene based elastomers, and have developed soft and elastic products with full functions. In Asia, America and Europe, industrial applications are also diverse, from pure nonwovens to film covered nonwovens; From baby diapers and rags to adult incontinence products and medical surgical clothes, they have been widely used

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