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Breaking the concept of traditional industrial computers and challenging high-end application fields

-- cool nice series fanless embedded industrial computers

it is well known that through sharing research and development with scientific research institutions and cooperating with colleges and universities to introduce high-quality scientific researchers, traditional industrial computers, whether 2U or 4U models, also use card insertion to achieve various functions, which leads to the traditional industrial computers having a large volume and bulky appearance, Industrial site installation is also extremely inconvenient; At the same time, too many connectors will lead to the decline of the overall reliability of the industrial computer, which is difficult to adapt to the complex and high stability requirements of the industrial site

at present, the cool nice series fanless embedded industrial computer newly launched by Beijing jizhida Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinhan Computer Co., Ltd. can completely replace the traditional industrial computer, eliminate the above disadvantages, and safely adapt to various harsh and complex industrial field environments; And with its more powerful functions, higher reliable stability, smaller and more solid appearance to challenge higher-end application fields

nice series products break the design concept of traditional industrial control computers, and adopt the integrated motherboard method to integrate the main functions. Only a control card or acquisition card can be added to meet the requirements of field operation. Therefore, the overall volume is nearly three times smaller than that of ordinary industrial control computers, and the compact body is more portable

nice series products are characterized by a completely fan free design, and the heat sink of the housing adopts an aluminum open die design, which can guide the heat generated by the work of various components in the machine to the housing and effectively provide heat dissipation efficiency. The test in the incubator shows that although the surface temperature of nice products is slightly higher than that of its thermoplastic with good high temperature performance combination (RTI = 140 ° C), its internal temperature is much lower than that of similar products, which better proves that nice products can export internal heat to the shell, truly and effectively maintain the normal operation of all parts, and maintain the high, reliable and stable working state of the system, Meet the design requirements of low power consumption without fans

nice products adopt DC power supply design, support 12V ~ 30V wide range DC power supply, and are equipped with external power adapter, which can be used in harsh environments such as ship borne, vehicle mounted, military equipment, power industry, etc., and provide CPUs and chipsets designated by Intel. Stable cooperation ensures long-term supply

it is worth recommending that Intel Celeron m 600MHz with 512k cache processor is matched with nice 3100/3150 model. Its performance is completely comparable to that of domestic P Ⅲ products, but the price is more affordable. Therefore, it is very suitable to choose this product with high cost performance in the industrial control field. At the same time, we also provide 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz processor models to meet the requirements of some customers for high-speed CPU processors. Nice series also has good stability for the supported software. It supports Windows CE and wind. With the Volvo rear plate spring project, it is promoting the system platforms such as ows XP Embedded and Linux as planned

nice series also provides high-performance fanless solutions based on Pentium M ETX, AMD GX3, AMD GX3 ETX, etc; It supports pc/104 expansion mode, connects data acquisition module through serial port input, and cooperates with configuration software to achieve industrial data acquisition and monitoring; With the LCD screen to form a controller, it can replace the traditional PLC and better realize the industrial field monitoring and control

this product can be used in military equipment, locomotives, instruments and meters, power monitoring, national defense automation, financial self-service terminals and other products and fields. It is believed that with its unique and reasonable design, light and beautiful appearance, high reliable performance and wide range of applications, it will be favored by more industry users

main product nice 3100/3150 features:

structure: aluminum chassis frame fanless design

size: 195mm (W) x 268mm (d) x 80mm (H)

motherboard: ebc573fl

support Intel Pentium M or Celeron m

chipset: Intel 852 GM (E)

memory: 2 x 184 pin DDR DIMMs up to 2GB

CF slot: on board CF slot x 1

built-in 2.5 "hard disk rack x 1

PCI expansion slot: supports PCI expansion x 1

front panel input/output interface: optional customized logo

hard disk/power/port status indicator

2 USB 2.0 interfaces

slim CD-ROM x 1 (nice 3150 Series)

rear panel input compared with steel parts/output interface: 1 ps/2 keyboard/mouse interface

4 USB 2.0 interfaces

parallel port x 1 (nice 3150)

4 serial ports

audio MIC input and speaker output x 1

dual pixel LVDS interface x 1

10/100 Gigabit Ethernet interface x 2

VGA interface x 1

S-Video TV out x 1

DC power input x 1

power switch x 1

power supply: DC power supply design supports 12VDC ~ 30V DC (max. 120W) on board

external 120W AC adapter x 1

power input: 100~240v AC 2A 50/60hz

power output: 24V DC

working environment: working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

storage temperature: -20 ° C to 80 ° C

relative humidity: 10% to 90% (no condensation)

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