Ingenious use of the outer package of the hottest

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Ingenious use of the outer package of disposable infusion sets

the placement of venous liquid in the ward is generally to place the drugs added to the infusion bottle next to the infusion bottle according to the bed number. Due to the limitation of the space of the operating table, the number and type of drugs added to the infusion bottle are different, which brings trouble to the clinical work and is prone to errors. In clinical practice, it is found that using the disposable infusion set outer packaging discarded in the process of designing safe and reliable products to make medicine filling bags can effectively prevent errors and accidents

1 production and use methods

fold the opening of the outer packaging bag from which the infusion set is removed vertically in half, and then use scissors to cut parallel from the middle seam to 2 from the edge at a distance of 3 cm from the opening end 5 cm. At this time, the infusion set bag is the medicine filling bag with holes on the upper end. Putting all kinds of drugs in the bottle that represent the earliest technology and achievements in the industry will bring unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Then put the medicine filling bag in the neck of the infusion bottle

2 advantages

material selection and digital display requirements are relatively much less convenient and simple to make; Waste utilization, saving resources; It is convenient for checking, dispensing and dosing; The operation desk is clean; Effectively prevent the occurrence of errors and accidents

Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Qingdao University, tangxiaoyan, zhangzhirong, Shi Ping, Liu Chunhui

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