Ingenious carton packaging of the hottest wine

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ingenious carton packaging of wine

"Bi bottle" carton fully shows the most essential value of its contents: the carton contains a wine bottle with unique shape that can be opened at both ends of the bottle, which effectively hides the bottle body completely different from its shape, and is conducive to handling and opening products; Frvi light cardboard with high strength is selected, which can carry the weight of the whole bottle and prevent tearing; It adopts the famous god`s and adam`s hand structure in the Sistine murals with the continuous progress of society, which strengthens the symbolic significance and communication value of the wine bottle. At the same time, it uses four-color printing and some bronzing technology to make the product have a high-quality appearance image. Dennis van eeten, the designer of acket drukkerij kartonnage, designed this carton. He won the grand prize in the industrial packaging project of the packaging design competition the previous year, He said: "When I design a package, I will ask myself what is special about a product. In this way, I will have a certain tendency towards the final result - to protect the product and hide the wine bottle skillfully. When choosing packaging materials, I will strengthen the performance of the required materials by repeated experiments, such as using a 30 pressure tester. Dropping, tearing, or shaking the package is me. Do you think the express package in your hand 1 A lot heavier? Experimental method. Frvi carry has all the properties required by this package

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