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Skillfully solve the problem of broken lines in inkjet printing

recently, a friend of the author used Epson Stylus Photo EX3 to print, the text in the document was broken, and the image had white stripes (Figure 1). What's going on

in fact, most of the horizontal lines in the printing of inkjet printers are caused by the blockage of the nozzle of the print head, and the problem can be solved by cleaning the nozzle. For the Epson Stylus Photo EX3 printer used by friends, there are two methods of nozzle inspection and cleaning. One is to cut off the whole motor source in an emergency by pressing the printer key;, The other is through the driver

first, clean the nozzle by pressing the printer button

press and hold the "clean" button for 3 seconds, the printer will automatically clean the print head, and the power indicator will flash. When the power indicator stops flashing, the print head cleaning operation is completed. It should be noted that if the ink out indicator flashes, the print head cannot be cleaned. At this time, the ink cartridge should be out of ink. Please replace the corresponding ink cartridge first

II. Nozzle cleaning through printer driver

1 Turn on the printer and ensure that A4 printing paper is installed in the printer feeder

2. Click start, point to settings, click printers and faxes, then right-click the Epson Stylus Photo EX3 printer icon, and then click Properties in the shortcut menu

3. On the "general" tab, click the "print preferences" button, then click the "utilities" tab, and click the "print head cleaning" button (as shown in Figure 2)

if the nozzle is still broken after cleaning, you can repeat the above operations and clean the nozzle again, but it is still very new. If it is still invalid to clean the print head for 3 consecutive times, it can be placed for 24 hours to make the ink fully infiltrate the print head, and then do the nozzle cleaning operation to avoid the waste of ink caused by the emergence of 3D braided composite fan blades. In addition, if the printer is not used for a long time, it is best to turn it on once a week, so as to avoid nozzle blockage

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