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Inheritance of gourd ware and Its Enlightenment to green packaging

gourd ware is an appliance made of gourds. In a strict sense, it does not mean that the non-ferrous metal industrial enterprises above the scope have achieved a profit of 179.9 billion yuan. It does not refer to the common gourd ladle, but to the gourd utensils made by special processes, including musical instruments, containers, tools, tableware, stationery, jewelry, desk furnishings, etc. it is a kind of "plastic restriction order" combining man-made and nature, which has been implemented for more than 7 years, and has special aesthetic and use value. According to historical records, gourd ware appeared in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and the manufacturing technology level of gourd ware in the Qing Dynasty reached an amazing level. Now the Palace Museum still has gourd ware from the Kangxi and Qianlong periods

the reason why gourd ware is favored by people is closely related to its own characteristics

first, after long-term selection and cultivation, many varieties of gourds have evolved. Modern botanists divide gourds into five kinds: flat cattail, long handled gourd (hanging gourd), big gourd (gourd), gourd (thin waist gourd or sub waist gourd) and small gourd ①. These five kinds of gourds can be cut in different ways to make containers of various shapes. Pull the gourd rope into a knot, and turn the circle into softness. There is no trace of bending. This method is called Le Zha gourd. Unfortunately, this skill has been lost. What is more wonderful is the model gourd, which is incorporated into the model with Yin Wen patterns when it is young, and taken out when it is old in autumn. "The shape and graphics are pleasing to people, just like a Jin cutting knife carved" ②

secondly, gourds have special texture and color. In addition to the changeable shape and rich and exquisite craftsmanship of gourds, gourd ware is loved by people because it has the special texture and color of gourds. The natural texture of the gourd is permeated with a fresh and natural gas, and its color gives people a simple and dignified aesthetic feeling. The ripe gourd is as yellow as gold, and the longer it is, the heavier it is; If you add decades or even hundreds of years of playing and rubbing, its color will change from yellow to red, from red to purple, and finally reach purple, smooth and bright, like steamed chestnuts, antique

in addition, the gourd is light and solid, with good sealing, and moisture is not easy to enter. The shell of the gourd is hard and light, and the cortex of the shell has good air permeability, but it does not leak. It is an ideal container naturally generated. Good ventilation will not deteriorate the contents; Good sealing, moisture is not easy to enter, it is easy to keep dry. After repeated verification, experts found that the seeds stored with gourds were free from mildew regardless of the difference between their materials and origin. If you use gourd to hold wine, it will not deteriorate and taste for a long time. Gourd can also be used to hold oil, vinegar and water, and then tied to the waist with a rope, which is convenient to carry. It is necessary for travel, tourism and farming. Today's travel kettle is also called "water gourd", which undoubtedly comes from this. Gourds are also used to fill medicine. "Later Han Dynasty, biography of prescriptions, Fei Changfang" said: "there are old men selling medicine in the city, hanging a pot at the end of the shop." In the old time, hookah bags were popular in Beijing. Among them, a kind of damp cigarette bag, also known as Hulu cigarette bag, was made of Hulu

in addition, the gourd is warm and breathable, moth proof and color preserving. The gourd is light and hard, which is easy to put into your arms to keep warm and carry; The gourd is warm in nature and has good heat preservation function. Taking it out of your arms can still maintain the temperature, and you can keep the chirping insects in summer until winter. The inner chamber is loose in quality, has good resonance, and is convenient for the transmission of the sound. It is the best choice for raising the warbler. In the Qing Dynasty, the wind of raising chirping insects was the most popular, and the use of gourds instead of bamboo cages, plate cages, and gold wire cages to raise chirping insects also began in the Qing Dynasty. Using gourds to store clothes has a special effect. "Yongle ceremony" quoted "trivial record": "the gourds dry hard in winter and are made into boxes. They can store sweaters, red and purple satin, which will not decay for a long time, and the color will not fade." As gourd is a pure natural plant material, it will not cause pollution and damage to the ecological environment and human health; The gourd can be naturally degraded even if it is not discarded after it is not used as a container or handicraft for use or appreciation

in addition, gourd has strong adaptability, convenient planting, and less strict requirements on environmental conditions. It can grow in various climates and soils, and its cultivation is relatively extensive. It is the preferred project of "short, flat and fast" in the current agricultural structure adjustment. Gourds have been widely used by ancient people to make containers for a long time. The bookofsongs · Chen Feng · July says, "eat gourds in July and break pots in August." In other words, eat tender gourds in July, and pick old gourds as containers in August

the gourd is natural, simple and practical. Although the gourd is small, it condenses human wisdom and aesthetic taste. It is the epitome of specific history and culture, moral cultivation, customs and etiquette. Rubbing and playing can cultivate sentiment and make people enter the realm of returning to nature and the unity of heaven and man. This is the reason for the rise and development of gourd ware. With the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, green packaging is becoming more and more popular

the research and development of green packaging materials is the key to the final realization of green packaging. Its most prominent feature is that the material itself must be harmless to human body, pollution-free to the ecological environment, and easy to recycle, or it can return to nature through environmental degradation. Gourd is a pure natural plant green packaging material in nature. As a packaging material, both green packaging materials and non green packaging materials have some basic functions, such as protection, beauty promotion, economy, environmental protection, processing operability, etc

Hulu has special advantages and potential in this regard. Now, many businesses have skillfully won business opportunities by taking advantage of its own practicality and people's cultural recognition of Hulu. Gourd wine bottle is a pure natural "green packaging", and using gourd as wine bottle has strong national characteristics. On the outside of the bottle, you can paint landscapes, flowers and birds, inscribe poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, etc. after drinking, the bottle can also be collected as a handicraft

the gourd itself is non-toxic and harmless, and does not pollute the human body and the environment; In the process of growth, there is no pollution to the atmosphere and water source; After being discarded, it can be recycled, degraded and decomposed, and will not produce harmful substances in the whole process of packaging

the early model gourd works were all written by reclusive literati. It is not easy to make excellent products. First of all, we must have a indifferent mood of seclusion from the world, regardless of fame and wealth, and devote ourselves to it; Secondly, we should be as hardworking as farmers, sow, cultivate carefully, and wait patiently, without any anxiety; Thirdly, there should be craftsman's skills to carve carefully without leaving traces; Finally, it integrates literature, art, calligraphy and sculpture, endows magical ideas in a limited space, applies exquisite craftsmanship, and explores and temper repeatedly. Today, we should make full use of the achievements in horticulture and materials science to explore the development path of model gourd

with the further expansion of China's economic development scale, the contradiction between supply and demand of resources and environmental pressure are also increasing. Building a conservation oriented society and taking the road of circular economy has become our inevitable choice. It can be predicted that "green packaging" will be an important theme of the global packaging industry in the new century, and it is also a significant feature of the development of the packaging industry in the new century; The development of green packaging materials will be a hot topic in the world. Combining the modern design concept with the advantages of gourd ware will make gourd as a new green packaging material get new development, and also make the packaging industry get a more benign cycle

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