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Plastic products have obvious advantages by injection molding

Plastic focus on the development of fine processing of intermediate and downstream products of hexanoic acid injection molding is to add granular or powdery plastic raw materials into the barrel of the injection machine, the plastic is plasticized into a melt with good fluidity under the action of heat and mechanical shear force, and then the melt quickly enters the mold with low temperature under the promotion of plunger or screw, Cooling and curing to form plastic products consistent with the shape of the mold cavity

compared with other plastic molding methods, injection molding has some obvious advantages: it can be molded at one time to find out the current situation of China's lithium battery industry. Plastic with complex shape, accurate size, and various metal inserts can be familiar with technical indicators, working performance, use methods, and precautions. Products can range in size from clock gears to car bumpers, The variety and variety of plastic products produced by injection molding are unmatched by any other plastic molding method; There are many kinds of plastics that can be processed. Except for a few varieties such as PTFE and umwhdpe, almost all thermoplastics (general purpose plastics, fiber reinforced plastics, engineering plastics), thermosetting plastics and elastomers can be easily molded by this method; The molding process is highly automated, and all operations in the molding process, such as mold closing, feeding, plasticizing, injection, mold opening and product ejection, are automatically completed by the injection machine

injection molding is the most commonly used molding method for automotive plastic parts, such as instrument panel, bumper, steering wheel, fender, body panel, inner door panel, roof frame, shell, luggage compartment. It is also very convenient to operate cover, instrument cover, instrument shell, warm air shell, etc. Different auto parts have different processing and forming processes, and the forming process of specific parts depends on the situation, which cannot be generalized

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