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Ten precautions for film proofreading

1. Check whether the required data are complete before proofreading

a, layout/text/color/size (drawing) data

b, design/production (Revision) version

c, film inspection form

d, carton/trademark identification card

2, whether each film is dirty

3, whether there are scratches on the film

3, whether the corner line is missing


4 The correctness of layout and text

5, the overprint accuracy of corner lines and various color versions

6, whether the pattern is complete

7, whether there is a problem with the size

8, whether there is bleeding

9, whether there is color separation error in each spot color version

10, bite position and film four 6800 ton servo energy-saving two plate injection molding machine, whether there are the following contents around the product name (and output batch), size, color code, output date, producer code Color bar

11. Check whether the angle of the line is protected by the model of the heavy testing machine

source: its goal is to remove the surface damage caused by rough polishing inoculation. I love printing


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